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Celebree School: An Abode of Quality Care, Growth, and Holistic Learning

When William Wordsworth wrote, ‘The Child is the father of the Man,’ he basically put down the feelings of every parent in the world. Many would argue or question how a child, who is new to the world and knows nothing, can teach a grown-up. To which the suitable answer would be to let them spend a day among young tots.
Children have a lot to teach us – like love, being friends without motives, being carefree, letting go of things that hurt, living in the moment, approaching things with curiosity, and so much more. True, they are expected to learn the worldly manners as they grow up, and for that they need to enter a formal educational setup. However, instead of expecting them to learn everything from day one, would it not be fun and natural for them to learn while they remain their true self? Just being kids and not students.
Richard Huffman, who goes by Richie, experienced quality early childhood education at White Marsh Child Care Center, which was owned and run by his mother. Growing up, Richie lent a hand to the family business and grasped all he could about the know-hows of running a day care and preschool. What he understood in those crucial years was that parents expect childcare providers to be more than just babysitters. They want their kids to be engaged through age-specific programs, arts, crafts, and social skills.
Ten years later, in 1994, Richie started a childcare center of his own in Ellicott City and christened it Enchanted Child Care. This was the first of many centers that would eventually evolve to become Celebree Learning Centers in 2002. In preparation for franchising the concept, the school committed to a full rebrand and became Celebree School in 2018. 
Values that Resonate with Parents
Celebree School’s core values are ‘Protect, Educate & Nurture’. The team believes that it has one of the best jobs in the world and is inspired by the extraordinary children in its care, every day. It is a childcare company that values family and community as a means to educate and nurture children. “We constantly strive to create an environment for children that is an extension of their home; a place that is welcoming and full of happy people who take their roles in your child’s life seriously,” says the team.
Celebree Schools, like an extended family, puts the needs and education of the children in its care above all else. They understand that parents today have a lot to deal with and yet the children are their priority. As such, they give children a safe, stimulating, and positive environment that helps them grow naturally and sets the parents carefree.
Engaging Curriculum, Designed to Fan Curiosity
Children, curious and explorers by nature, look for adventures and activities that can keep them hooked. At Celebree Schools, to engage children, the curriculum is designed to make learning fun. To teach children, the school employs a customized curriculum that embraces the Seven Domains of Learning which address the physical, social, emotional, and academic needs of children. It takes into account the uniqueness of each child and tailors its lessons around these different needs. The curriculum is designed in accordance with the Maryland Early Learning Standards and the Delaware Child Care Act for Early Care and Education.
The school takes into account the natural curiosity of children and teaches them effectively in an exciting way that makes them part of the process. The curriculum is rooted in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM), guiding the programs to intellectually stimulate the children and hone their critical thinking skills.
Franchise Model – Enriching more Lives
In 2006, with the opening of its 13th center, Celebree School established itself as a business model centered around 3 key areas: Talent, Brand, and Operations. In 2007, the school opened its first location outside of Maryland, in Bear, Delaware, and the 26th location in Pasadena in 2018.
Celebree School has been expanding with the help of like-minded people and building upon a franchise offering, which would reproduce the success of the corporate center model. The expansion has been rapid because the team has been careful in picking up people who had an entrepreneurial spirit and yet saw the value in following a system. The franchisee undergoes 120 hours of training, combining online, in-person and in-school content, covering all aspects of the business from subject matter experts.
All franchisees are guided and supported throughout the state licensing process – from orientation to application submission. Celebree School ensures preparedness for the initial licensing visit and with onsite presence for assistance with the licensing visit. It provides continued support and guidance to remain in compliance with licensing regulations throughout the life of the school. The team works with every franchisee to build a project growth plan.
Expanding the Support Village
Celebree School has set-up a complete infrastructure with a dedicated call center, and a sales touchpoint process to handle student enrollment for its franchisees and manage the centers.
The school’s vision is to be the recognized leader in providing the best care for infants, toddlers, preschool, and school age children. It is not just chasing a number; it is growing responsibly by always asking what is in the best interest of the franchise.
“Those who may have once been interested in other concepts of similar investment, now see early childhood education not only essential but very recession-resistant and resilient. With like-minded professionals, we will continue to celebrate the education of children. We will teach them to be confident, so they may grow into self-assured adults,” concludes Richard.
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