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Cavalry: Paving Your Way to the Cloud

In 2016, spending on public cloud Infrastructure as a Service hardware and software is forecast to reach US$38B, growing to a staggering $173B in 2026.  Technology companies that have developed their expertise in the cloud are well positioned to ride this wave and capitalise on this extraordinary opportunity.
One such company is Cavalry.  Headquartered in Sydney and with presence across Asia Pacific and Australia / New Zealand they are recognised as a global leader in managed cloud solutions.  Cavalry has made their mark across the region and clients and competitors are sitting up to take notice.  One of the differentiators of Cavalry is that they help their clients see beyond the utility of IT and work with them to see how they can use technology as a key driver for growth and innovation.  Cavalry were the first company in Asia Pacific to build a secure, multi-tenant, hosted desktop solution on Microsoft Azure. They consult, migrate and manage cloud resources for many recognized global brands across Asia Pacific.  As Cavalry help their clients deliver on growth and innovation they become a profit centre for their clients which in turn, creates further business growth opportunities.
 The Enablers
It was in the year 2000 that the terrific trio of Peter Low, Sturt Maclennan and Barry Silic incorporated Cavalry with the vision to transform managed cloud solutions across the globe.  It was an ambitious vision but with their commitment to succeed, a complimentary skill set and a world class team they have exceeded even their own expectations.  A brief on each of the Directors shows a glimpse of this:

  • Peter is passionate about developing Business Leaders to leave a lasting legacy. He is driven by building an extraordinary company culture powered by a motivated team. Well versed in best-in-class practices he has undergraduate and post graduate qualifications in business (with an MBA from the AGSM).
  • Sturt is a fervent leader who enjoys creating businesses with the true customer in mind. He is motivated by customer ‘happiness’ and sets the Sales and Marketing direction for Cavalry.  Sturt has deep experience with the IT industry having held senior roles with many global based vendors.
  • Barry Silic is the IT Strategist with an uncanny ability to make the complex simple and knows how to lead highly skilled technical teams.  He has driven the technical direction of the business to create the unique skillset and offering that Cavalry provide to their clients.  He is also a huge football fan…the real football!

United, the Directorship is bound together to settle for nothing less than ultimate success.
 Happiness is the Core value of Cavalry
Cavalry is motivated by their core value of Happiness. It is what drives their organization and is the “why” behind the “what”.
As part of their quest to deliver client happiness and consistent with their commitment to continuous improvement, Cavalry has developed industry-leading software that measures client’s happiness on a per interaction basis.  This software and approach is unique to the industry and is a key driver for how Cavalry continues to outpace their competitors across all key metrics including: revenue growth, profit, staff engagement etc.  Key benefits of this system fall into the following categories:

  • User Experience: This agile and real-time feedback is used to continually assess how well Cavalry is delivering on its’ promise of client happiness across all areas of the business.  Understanding the client’s experience across the entire user base is unique and help promotes client satisfaction across all levels.
  • Optimize Operations:  At Cavalry, client feedback is seen as a conduit to gold.  If their core value is to deliver happiness then they must actively and measurably seek feedback (You can’t improve what you can’t measure.) All feedback is assessed and improvement opportunities identified so the company can continue to optimize operations and further differentiate its client value proposition.  This process coupled with their commitment to continuous improvement helps increase Cavalry’s relevancy to their clients.
  • A Motivated Team: At Cavalry, they operate with the belief that people don’t want to “work”, rather they want to be a contribution. People want to know that the results of their endeavors mattered to someone and helped create a better world.  When Cavalry assists their clients, they enable them to deliver on their brand purpose which helps propel society forward. Cavalry acknowledges and incentivizes their team on their ability to create these happy interactions. At Cavalry, they goal and reward their team based on the number of happy experiences they create rather than the traditional metrics of each respective department.  They can objectively see that as they focus on delivering happiness, that the traditional KPI’s are also delivered.
  • Meaningful Client Engagement: Clients rightfully expect that their technology requirements are delivered “As a Service” much like a standard utility such as electricity or water. By engaging in an agile manner, Cavalry can address client’s needs as they happen rather than when they are raised for discussion in retrospect.  By ensuring the BAU (Business As Usual) operations are delivered, they have increased opportunities to engage in more meaningful discussions around how technology can help drive their organization forward. This could be in areas such as reporting, workflow, management dashboards etc.

Cavalry’s Happy Customers
Every company is equated with something. At Cavalry, they want to be associated with ‘happiness’. They strive to build a customer-obsessed team that delivers what they promise and take ownership at all times. Cavalry measures every engagement by a staff member and by the client.  They have gamified this system that helps create
Awards and Recognitions
Cavalry has won numerous awards including:

  • MSP 501 – Top 200 Managed Service Firm Globally (Multiple Winner).
  • APAC CIO – Top 15 Cloud Company in Asia Pacific.
  • EY – Shortlist for Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • CRN Fast 50 – Top 50 fastest growing IT firm in Australia (Multiple Winner).
  • ARN – Shortlist for Australian IT Partner of the year (Multiple nominee).