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Catapult: Using Technology to Solve Business Challenges

Mobile technology is and will continue to be a key driver in innovation for almost all businesses in the coming years. It touches all aspects of business; from improving the customer experience to creating a modern workplace where employees can access work from anywhere, at any time. Securing this modern, digital workplace is a critical task that no company should overlook. Catapult, an innovator of modern digital solutions, is supporting this new business imperative. Working to drive innovation on behalf of its clients, Catapult is solving complex business challenges in this new climate, while creating a secure, mobile workforce.
As a 2017 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist in Cloud Productivity and the 2016 Microsoft Partner of the Year (U.S.), Catapult specializes in digital transformation and cloud-based technologies to imagine, build, and sustain IT-enabled business solutions that people love to use.
Solutions that Transform 
The shift to the cloud has drastically changed the landscape of how service-based firms like Catapult function. Catapult realized that it could provide its clients with more value by fundamentally changing its approach to service delivery, creating “Solutions as a Service” which combine Microsoft cloud technologies with Catapult’s intellectual property, deep system expertise and customer-centric approach.
While driving transformation with cloud has opened new doors for many businesses by empowering employees and driving productivity, it has also created a need to secure an ever-evolving, modern workforce.
A 24-year-old leading IT services firm, Catapult offers expertise in Microsoft’s technologies such as EM+S, Azure, Office 365, Windows 10, SQL Server, and SharePoint, along with Amazon Web Services, Nintex and a number of other leading technology partners. It provides a wide array of cloud services, including strategy and planning, migration, DevOps, and managed services. Furthermore, Catapult’s full-service capabilities include modern workplace, infrastructure, business consulting, business intelligence, and custom application development.
Moving Customers to the Forefront of Digital Transformation 
The development of innovative digital solutions has enabled Catapult to support its customers’ efforts toward digital transformation. With data security now being more important than ever, businesses are tasked with creating a secure, productive digital enterprise. Companies often are required to manage multiple, disparate point security solutions which is costly and inefficient.
Catapult is turning the tide with its new IT security and compliance service, Spyglass, which leverages Microsoft EM+S and other leading security technologies to create a single view into a company’s security and compliance landscape, while providing a security coach who helps track, monitor and remediate issues as they arise.
Taking a holistic approach to IT security and compliance, Spyglass maps standards, regulations and policies to the right technology solutions and creates a technology roadmap. Backed by a dedicated security coach, Catapult closely monitors and remediates security problems based on industry best practices, while working to drive user adoption of security enhancements. “Within the Spyglass portal, we visualize those requirements and regulations—identifying gaps, recommending ideal security technologies, and optimizing settings within existing tools. Spyglass addresses common problems, making it easier for information security executives and management to understand their companys’ risks, and to make security and compliance improvements,” David affirms.
Trailblazing Solutions that Exceed Client Expectations 
Spyglass is one of Catapult’s most recent Solution as a Service offerings. Fuse, the first solution brought to market, is an intranet as a service, which enables the creation of a digital workplace in 80% less time and cost. Since mid-2015, Fuse strives to empower employees by driving productivity and improving employee collaboration.
Catapult’s Launch solution helps to optimize IT operations by providing IT Lifecycle Management in many critical areas, including user management, desktop management (through Windows 10 as a Service) and server lifecycle management.
Initial Challenges that Paved Way 
Having been in business for the last two decades, Catapult has had to adapt to new technologies, new ways of buying (such as subscription-based services), and new customers, as buyers morphed from IT-centric to business-centric decisions.
Establishing a culture that emphasized good work/life balance for employees is another ongoing challenge Consulting companies (and often their clients) are notorious for working consultants 60+ hours per week. “It was a challenge to convince potential new hires that we were different, and prove to our customers that we could achieve their goals without burning our people out,” recalls David FuessCEO of Catapult.
Through the years, Catapult has been part of a transformative, modern digital age, and has had to quickly grow and adapt to better meet its customers’ business needs. “We’ve gone from just a few employees with one office in Austin, Texas to offices nationwide, and most recently we’ve expanded globally,” he adds.
A Steadfast CEO at His Best 
As a Chief Executive Officer for Catapult, David’s priorities include accelerating the growth and expansion of Catapult’s business to the U.S. and Global markets. He also sets the vision and strategy for the organization, fosters Catapult’s strong relationship with its business partners and will continue refining the company’s business model to provide a broader range and greater value of services and solutions.
David brings 25 years of leadership and management experience, including 18 years of experience in the IT professional services industry. He has organically started three offices for Catapult, including Dallas, Denver and Phoenix business units, while serving as the Group Vice President and President. Prior to Catapult, David was the Dallas General Manager for BORN, and previous to BORN, he served in the role of National Director of Sales for Avanade.
Future Roadmap 
Over the next year, Catapult will continue to transform its customers’ businesses, leveraging solutions in Catapult’s digital suite. David believes cloud will also play a crucial role in helping businesses drive efficiencies and continuously make improvements across all facets of their business. In 2018, Catapult will take an even deeper dive, continuing to look for new and improved ways to transform its customers’ products, empower their employees, engage their customers, and optimize its customers’ operations.

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