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Catapult: Bringing Modern Digital Solutions to the Forefront of the Business

With the constant influx of new technology, the modern business is forced to adapt to keep up with demand. Traditional company processes may be outdated, hindering gains in efficiency, and productivity, as well as leaving gaps in security. As businesses look to transform digitally, they must take an all-encompassing approach, incorporating cloud across all functions and segments of their business.
Enter Catapult, a modern digital solutions and services firm that uses technology to solve companies’ most unique challenges. Maintaining a cloud-first approach into each of its solutions, Catapult is helping organizations accelerate digital innovation at an unprecedented level.
The Growth Story
What began as two technical guys working out of their home office 25 years ago, has morphed into something truly remarkable. Catapult’s Digital Solutions Group and cloud services umbrella continues to grow with a dedicated team of experts in each solution area, giving Catapult a unique advantage in helping customers solve their toughest business problems.
A Journey Towards Success
As the landscape of digital business has taken a dramatic shift from traditional approaches to the world of the cloud, Catapult transformed its focus from IT solutions to a cloud-first services provider. Through this transformation, Catapult grew its Azure-based cloud services by 200%, and has become a leader in delivering Azure solutions to transform customers’ businesses.
Catapult is a 2017 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist in Cloud Productivity and was the 2016 Microsoft Partner of the Year in the United States. Year-over-year, Catapult is consistently named one of the Best Places to Work in various locations around the United States, Texas Monthly, and Glassdoor among others. Additionally, Catapult was named Top 50 of Fifty-Five and Five’s Inbound Marketing Excellence Report, and it was recently announced that Catapult has been named a finalist for the 2018 Microsoft United States Partner Award Winner for Azure Compete. By building a strong culture for their employees, Catapult continues to be recognized for numerous awards year after year.
The biggest challenges Catapult faces is that IT and cloud technology is always changing. Being able to keep up with new technology, and adapting to new approaches is essential to stay competitive. Cloud continues to transform technology and change business needs, and so it is imperative that Catapult evolves along with it so that it can continue to address these constantly changing challenges.
Optimizing the Cloud Journey with Azure
As a leader in cloud services, Catapult helps companies leverage Azure to meet their business needs. With the goal of helping companies optimize and maximize their cloud environments, Catapult released a new offering titled Azure Management Services (AMS) to allow customers to continuously improve their cloud environments. Using the latest Azure innovations, a team of Catapult cloud engineers and architects work with their customers based on their pain points to develop a clear cloud strategy and provide ongoing guidance on the organization’s journey through the cloud.
Motive Force of Catapult
David Fuess is the Chief Executive Officer of Catapult. He brings 25 years of leadership and management experience, including 18 years of experience in the IT professional services industry. He has organically started three offices for Catapult, including Dallas, Denver and Phoenix business units, while serving as the Group Vice President and President. One of David’s priorities includes accelerating the growth and expansion of Catapult’s business to the U.S. and global markets. He also sets the vision and strategy for the organization, fosters Catapult’s strong relationship with its business partners, including Microsoft, and will continue to refine the company’s business model to provide a broader range and greater value of services and solutions.
“We believe that as the landscape of digital business changes, more and more providers are taking a cloud-first approach with their offerings. As companies continue to make the move to the cloud, service providers will re-think and re-shape their solutions to fully embrace the cloud, and all of its capabilities. Business needs will always be ever-evolving, and so cloud providers will need to adapt to assist with the needs of their customers,” – David Fuess, Catapult CEO.
Distinctive Offerings
Catapult leads with a service-based approach on all of its offerings, including 3 IP-led, cloud-based solutions that take a service approach. Catapult’s commitment and dedication to their customers is what drives their success and separates them from the competition. Catapult’s teams always deliver the most suited solutions and are easy to work with. Catapult is dedicated to helping their customers succeed, enabling them to achieve their business goals with the help of technology.
Healthy Work Environment
Catapult’s core values not only enable them to hire the best people, but keep them around for the long-term. All of Catapult’s employees have: Accountability, Passion, Initiative, Teamwork, Agility, and Fun. Through these values and by keeping their employees engaged with fun activities and events, Catapult maintains a healthy workforce.
Future Roadmap
As business needs change, Catapult will continue to do the same. The company is expanding its footprint globally, and as of 2017, Catapult has expanded with worldwide offices in China, Malaysia, India, Europe, and Mexico. Catapult will continue to drive strategy that allows them to enter new markets, and help businesses embrace digital no matter where they are.
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