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Catalyst UX: Driven by Software, Empowered with Experience

Famed Canadian physician William Osler once said, “Medicine is a science of uncertainty, and an art of probability.” Since Osler’s time, the medical and pharmaceutical industries have changed dramatically—but that unpredictability remains. And while many medical and pharmaceutical companies have come and gone—others have managed to make a mark in the long run with a sustainable forward-thinking approach focused on understanding the evolving needs of providers, patients, employees and customers.
Enter Catalyst UX—a full service user experience (UX) firm that helps the medical, life sciences, and pharmaceutical industries cater to these shifting demands with adaptive, responsive application and software design that makes life easier and more productive for these users. Backed by more than 25 years of experience spanning 500+ projects,  the company blends human behavior research and testing, digital strategy, UX design, and UI development to help its clients deliver thoughtful, consistent experiences across platforms and devices.
Impeccable End-to-End UX Design and UI Development
Catalyst UX takes a comprehensive approach to UX design—providing each of its clients with a two- to six-person team of  UX architects, UX designers, UI developers and social scientists. Those teams are singularly committed to creating elegant and simple software designs that help employees, providers and patients access data and services, ensure the proper use of medical instruments and seamlessly extend their user experience to almost any mobile device. This proven approach means the team can offer unrivaled speed to market—delivering complete design and coded UI in less than 100 days.
The Internet of Things (IoT) and other emerging technologies have brought rapid change to the world of medical devices. To that end, Catalyst UX has put a strong focus on developing software that incorporates and connects with a broad array of hardware and instruments. Cloud technologies have also opened a world of new opportunities in the medical industry. The company combines big data analytics, privacy-by-design practices, collaboration and a strong knowledge of regulatory requirements to help any organization with this transition.
Astuteness of CEO, Aiding to Thrive
The visionary behind Catalyst UX and its sustainable developments is CEO Paul Giurata. The XX native earned a BA in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder, before going on to complete an MBA at Santa Clara University. Before founding Catalyst UX, he made his name at Apple, where he transformed numerous education-focused research projects into commercial solutions. Later, he moved on to Hewlett Packard Medical Products (Agilent), where he played a key role in the sale and installation of patient monitoring, cardiology, neonatal and diagnostic imaging products in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, China, and Australia.
Mr. Giurata is one of the world’s most experienced solution architects and has led the company with his proven knack for defining successful products and delivering simple but elegantly designed solutions.
Delivering Consistency in an Unpredictable World
Paul asserts, “We guide our efforts with meaningful observation of users, patients, scientists and caregivers to inspire solutions” The company has faced its share of challenges over the years, but by using proven methodologies, committing to collaboration and building teams that are truly passionate about the work they are doing, he’s turned these setbacks into opportunities. Today, the company delivers the latest technologies and optimized user experiences to promising industry up-and-comers, and further aims to build on such collaborations. Catalyst UX helps pharmaceutical and medical companies improve patient outcomes, accelerate discoveries and make a meaningful impact on mankind. Going forward, Giurata’s goal is to collaborate with global leaders—as well as emerging innovators—to deliver empowering  medical, life science pharmaceutical solutions.

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