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Heather Mason | CEO | Caspian Agency

Caspian Agency: Helping Clients Clarify Strategic Goals

Taking a blank sheet to a brand new convening, or partnering with an existing event that’s gotten a bit tired, Caspian Agency, ensures a solid, inspiring business plan for the customer’s next event. The company creates live events, virtual events, its own proprietary ones, and a series of “Think like a Producer”online video training videos. Caspian Agency serves select, purpose-driven organizations, creating top tier events that promote both the bottom line and social impact. Their proprietary methodology, the Caspian 10 Essentials™, ensures strategic discipline, creativity, and logistical rigor, and leads to excellent, unique results.
Impact in Events and the Event Profession 
Caspian Agency specializes in the social good business space. More often than not when a global changemaker organization desires to host an event, Caspian Agency is one of the first agencies to spring to mind. Caspian is ‘impact adjacent’ serving many organization’s higher good of impact driven goals.
Through the Caspian 10 Essentials, Heather Mason provides not only impact in events, but she desires to change the event profession as a whole. She provides inperson training for event professionals and is frequently on stage at industry events. She has also been featured on industry leading webinars and podcasts such as Cvent and BizBash. Since Caspian Agency created the industry’s only approach to events as a scientific system, it has been sought after for in-person training. Now however, the entire series is available online and offers continuing education credits for professionals with a CMP certification.
Event Adaptation in the Digital Age 
A veteran of the events industry for more than 18 years, Heather Mason has seen the shift in technology as a transformative agent for events. As the CEO, she is constantly reinventing the what and how that Caspian offers its services, though the why stays the same –What is the purpose of the event, and what are the goals? Because technology is fast moving, she has built a culture of “adaptation” within the team. Heather’s mindset is to drive from a place of logic and strategy, and then process. Technology is only a tool, not the end in itself. Tech can wow your audiences and deliver content in new and interesting ways, but evolving technology is just a method. Only when used appropriately can it augment goals. It can also improves productivity and make the planning process more efficient. From Google docs, to registration software, to drones, wi-fi and virtual meetings, Caspian intends to stay current and tech savvy.
Keeping up and Leading the Industry 
Caspian Agency is constantly evolving. Caspian isn’t an agency content to keep up with the industry, Caspian wants to lead it. One of the company mottos is, “we want to be at the crest of the wave, not paddling in behind”. New technology and systems are being introduced to make life as event professionals more interesting, from CRM to VR and AR, to concierge robots. But the glamour should not overpower the strategy, which should be employed at every step. Using the 10 Essentials and a mindset of adaptation, Caspian challenges its clients to new levels of leadership and impact. By focusing on event value, not budget, every goal can be met, if not now, then within the event horizon.
The Caspian 10 Essentials 
Caspian Agency provides three key areas of service: CASPIAN STRATEGY – Event Science: The Caspian 10 Essentials 

  • Event Business Plans: The company helps its clients create an event plan from scratch or helps to reinvent a gathering that may feel a little stale.
  • 10 Essentials Training: The Caspian 10 Essentials teaches clients or event professionals to lead with the event goals, not budget. This mindset shift is to one of no limitations, The Essentials cover all areas of planning starting with Success Metrics, Audience Mix, Program/Content Mapping followed by event processes and logistics including the budget.
  • The Caspian 10 Essentials are offered both online and in person.
  • 10 high-impact online videos, armed with learnings, tactical takeaways, and a mindset shift – Content is an online and accessible watch in your own time, anywhere
  • CMP Preferred Provider approved 7.5 CE credits
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee – In Person: Heather can come directly to your office and offer training for yourself and organization executives. With over 18 years of event expertise, she’s been in the trenches, learned the lessons, and wants to pass her knowledge on to you.
  • Event Production: Before the company produces an event, it works with the client to complete The Caspian 10 Essentials. Then, and only then, does Caspian take on the production. Caspian has had the privilege to work with some of the world’s most renowned organizations that change the world. Another Caspian motto is that we are “change the world adjacent” -Speaking

Heather is a professional speaker and has a love of teaching. She is also a gifted MC an having been on the other side of coaching them, finds that as an MC she can help her fellow event professionals run an event flawlessly from the stage. She has provided MC and speaker services for corporate and non-profit companies. She has also spoken at entrepreneur events, women’s events and sees empowering women as an essential part of her speaking.
Serves to Connect People 
The event industry connects people. But that connection can take many forms – an in-person event, a streamed event, an archived event, etc. The point is connection. This is why any event professional or event organizer needs to be a part of content creation. One of Heather’s core philosophies is that logistics and strategy are inextricably linked. They cannot be separated. The content doesn’t happen over here, and then handed to logistics. It just doesn’t work. What does work, is when the people who are tasked with carrying out the event are a part of the creation from the beginning. Then the content and strategy are seamlessly woven into the logistics and both augment the other. This is why every event professional needs to be an event strategist. We already are, we just might not be getting the credit for it. But if we are to connect people, we need to be empowered to do just that.