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Joe Caserta | Founder & President | Caserta

Caserta: The Data and Analytics Consulting Firm

Caserta is a data and analytics consulting firm that helps business and IT leaders transform their organizations by and through their data. Dedication to solving clients’ toughest data challenges with the fastest time-to-value is a hallmark of the firm.
Caserta was founded by Joe Caserta in 2001 with the mission of solving tough data challenges and helping organizations achieve their business goals through data and analytics. Over a span of nearly two decades, Caserta progressed naturally and quite seamlessly from transaction systems to dimensional data warehousing, big data analytics, and innovative and advanced data analytics applications.
Today, the company is fully invested in all of these paradigms and has assembled a stellar team of strategists and technologists who perpetually push the existing status quo to take data intelligence to the next level.
About the Founder
Joe Caserta was born and raised in NYC. His education in Database Application Development and Design took place at Columbia University in New York. He has about 30 years of experience creating data solutions. Joe started off in 1986 trying to get data out of transaction systems, and in 1996, discovered dimensional data modelling and data warehousing. In 2001, Joe founded his own company to work in the area of data warehousing, business intelligence and data analytics. In 2004, he co-authored “The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit”, an industry bestseller which went on to become the standard for preparing data integration for analytics. In 2009, Joe discovered “big data” and modern data engineering technologies.
Over three decades, he progressed from transaction systems to dimensional data warehousing to big data analytics to innovative and advanced data analytics applications. These transitions were each natural progressions that made a lot of sense to him.
Highly Flexible to Adopt Technological Advancements
Team Caserta always keeps a watch on changing industry needs. They know from experience that as new technologies enter the market, older ones either get updated or become obsolete. Despite this constant state of flux and disruption, one challenge remains constant: the evolution gap between people and technology.
“At Caserta, we already are change agents in the data and analytics industry who bring innovative solutions to our clients in order to transform their businesses. The next step in this industry is teaching people how to embrace this change, even though they inherently resist it. Getting people to change the way they think vis-à-vis technology will usher change in the data and analytics industry.” – Team Caserta.
According to Joe, “I can address the people part of the industry and encourage them to adopt change. It’s a far bigger challenge than simply updating and changing technology, but I think it is one of the most important challenges facing the industry today whose resolution will bring about the biggest change.”
“We combine strategy, technology and data science to help enterprises accelerate the pace of that growth and solve their most complex data challenges with custom-designed solutions that incorporate both established and emerging technologies with the fastest time-to-value,” Joe added.
Extraordinary Strategies from Caserta
Joe is hands-on and involved in every engagement, making sure the clients’ needs are met. As a company, Caserta is built around creative thinking and harmonious collaboration with its clients. Each solution from Caserta is custom-designed, built, and implemented to fit the unique business challenges faced by its clients.
According to Joe, “Every engagement here at Caserta requires us to think creatively and to come up with solutions to difficult challenges, both as individuals and as a team. That’s what makes this work incredibly exciting: coming up with a creative solution that no one else has thought of before is exhilarating.”
Achievements and Recognitions
Caserta was recently named a Top IT Services Company for 2019 and a Top B2B Company for 2019 by and recognized in the Top Gartner Market Guide to BI and Advanced Analytics Service Providers and Advanced Analytics Service Providers.
Clients Speak
“We were really happy with the way Caserta was able to integrate with our processes and project management, and build out the architecture that they had developed. Caserta spent a lot of time making sure that the handoff between their team and ours was successful when the project was over.”– Matt Digan, Executive Director of Data Engineering, The New York Times.
“Caserta’s considerable experience manifests itself in quick and effective approaches. Their analyses are focused and yield helpful recommendations in a very short span of time. Second, the team’s technical and engineering skills are wide-ranging. Caserta can navigate a variety of technologies quickly with active input from senior leadership. Their guidance and advice are valuable”– Steve Stryker, CTO, Värde Partners
“It’s the cost savings, first and foremost. Caserta implemented the right processes and pieces of technology to allow us to be much more iterative and nimbler in how we release changes and add enhancements. Ultimately, we’re far more responsive to our business needs and have better methods. Now, a new analysis, report, or data source only takes days or a week to get plugged in, instead of several months.” – CIO, Fitness Enterprise
Future Roadmap of Caserta
Team Caserta believes that industry in general has gone through unprecedented disruption over the past several years, and there is much more to come. The most compelling part of the evolution of data is the convergence of analytics and insights with business applications, and the rise of prescriptive and AI analytics. As a company, Caserta looks to the future with each of its solutions, future-proofing its clients’ systems so that they will be able to evolve with changes in technology and in the market.