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Carnegie Learning

Carnegie Learning: Transforming Education Through Innovation

Transforming education starts with a deep understanding of how students learn best. A pioneer among educational technology companies, Carnegie Learning is a leading provider of K-12 education technology, curriculum, and professional learning solutions.

With a legacy spanning over 25 years, the company has been dedicated to championing teachers and cultivating lifelong learners. Founded in 1998 at Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie Learning brings together cognitive and computer scientists, including its chief scientist and founder, Dr. Steve Ritter, to develop innovative solutions rooted in research and efficacy.

Drawing on cognitive science and data-driven insights, Carnegie Learning offers personalized learning experiences through its flagship product, MATHia, and other solutions. Recognized for their effectiveness, these products have received accolades, such as a gold-standard study from RAND and a perfect score from EdReports. School districts using Carnegie Learning have reported significant improvements in student performance, including up to 2x growth on standardized tests and two years of academic growth in a single year.

By empowering educators with resources and tools to support their students effectively, Carnegie Learning fosters collaborative and student-centered learning environments. Through a commitment to quality and efficacy, the company continues to drive academic success and growth in classrooms nationwide. With Carnegie Learning, educators and students alike can thrive today, tomorrow, and always.

Real-Time Feedback for Educators

The Carnegie Learning family of solutions and services, encompassing math, ELA, world languages, professional learning, and high-dosage tutoring, is founded on the latest learning science research and AI technology. Carnegie Learning recognizes the challenges faced by school districts, educators, and students amidst the proliferation of digital and print solutions that often add complexity without meaningful impact on learning outcomes.

At Carnegie Learning, the company’s mission is to provide research-proven products and services that drive tangible improvements in student learning and progression towards grade-level proficiency and beyond. Take, for instance, its flagship product, MATHia, which offers students a personalized math coach, adapting to their actions to support their individual learning journey. Concurrently, educators receive real-time feedback and assessments to inform their instructional decisions.

Continuing its commitment to innovation, Carnegie Learning is proud to introduce groundbreaking additions to its product lineup this year:

  • LiveHint AI: A virtual tutor and chatbot leveraging the Carnegie Learning Large Math Model to support student learning.
  • ClearTalk: Speech recognition software designed to aid language learning.
  • MATHia Adventure: AI-driven elementary math software tailored for grades K-5.
  • MATHstream: Utilizing AI technology to repurpose video lessons from renowned math influencers for scalable impact.

Through ongoing innovation and enhancement of its offerings, Carnegie Learning aims to redefine education and empower educators and students to reach new levels of success.

Outperforming Peers

Carnegie Learning’s flagship product, MATHia, was the first AI-adaptive learning product for mathematics. What initially began as a single product has since evolved into a comprehensive suite of adaptive platforms dedicated to driving student success. These platforms leverage adaptive learning methodologies, including personalized learning paths guided by sophisticated AI algorithms tailored to meet the unique needs of each student. Additionally, they provide real-time feedback and support to foster student engagement and motivation, along with ongoing assessment of student performance to dynamically adjust the learning path based on their progress and comprehension.

Research studies have demonstrated that students who utilize Carnegie Learning’s adaptive learning platforms consistently outperform their peers. They exhibit greater proficiency in subjects over time and display higher levels of engagement and motivation, thereby promoting active involvement in their learning journey.

Hyper-Personalization in Education

Carnegie Learning is committed to creating tailored solutions for schools and the distinct challenges they encounter. The company conducts pilot programs with school districts so they can ‘try on’  a curriculum. Product innovations undergo rigorous testing with student populations, ensuring that each product is inclusive and accessible to students of all abilities. Further, the professional learning team collaborates closely with schools and educators to address specific goals and provide ongoing support throughout implementation. From designing customized programs to delivering professional development and leadership coaching, Carnegie Learning is dedicated to assisting educators at every stage.

The technology used by Carnegie Learning transcends traditional classroom enhancements—it revolutionizes the learning environment. By leveraging technology, the company enables real-time assessment and intervention, delivers immersive content, and facilitates hyper-personalized learning experiences. Carnegie Learning firmly believes in the potential of educational technology and AI to provide students with personalized learning experiences and to equip teachers with the insights necessary for effective guidance.

Data Analytics Tools for Educators

Carnegie Learning harnesses the power of data analytics to equip teachers and administrators with the insights necessary for effective guidance in the learning process. The company’s commitment lies in providing materials that complement the dedication of educators. Through its platforms, data on student performance is collected as they progress, enabling educators to access comprehensive reports covering various metrics, including task completion time and concept mastery.

Built-in assessment tools within Carnegie Learning’s solutions generate data on student performance and comprehension, empowering educators to assess learning outcomes, evaluate instructional strategies’ effectiveness, and deliver tailored feedback to address diverse student needs. By analyzing historical data and trends in student performance, educators can proactively identify and support at-risk students, mitigate learning gaps, and enhance overall student outcomes.

Carnegie Learning’s data analytics furnish educators and administrators with invaluable insights, informing instructional decision-making, fostering student learning, and facilitating continuous improvement in education.

Supporting Students and Educators Worldwide

At Carnegie Learning, the team is dedicated to supporting teachers and classrooms worldwide. Under the leadership of CEO Barry Malkin, who took the helm eight years ago, the company has not only expanded its educational offerings but also its global reach. With solutions that now support over 2 million students and educators across all 50 states and various countries, Carnegie Learning has made a significant impact in education.

In 2022, the company furthered its commitment to global education by establishing a new Canadian Headquarters in Newfoundland and Labrador, aiming to address educational needs across the country. Additionally, Carnegie Learning has expanded its international presence, serving customers in Asia and Europe, including countries like China, Singapore, Myanmar, and the Netherlands. Moreover, a recent partnership with EUPAD has facilitated further expansion into the Middle East and Gulf region.

Driven by a mission to push the boundaries of education, Carnegie Learning is honored to be recognized in the 2023 GSV 150, an annual list curated by Global Silicon Valley that celebrates the world’s most transformative private companies in digital learning and workforce skills.

Accessible Learning for All

At Carnegie Learning, accessibility is paramount in the company’s commitment to empowering all students to succeed. The company believes that every learner, regardless of ability, deserves access to high-quality educational resources. To achieve this, its products undergo meticulous design and testing to ensure accessibility for students of all abilities.

Throughout the development process, Carnegie Learning prioritizes accessibility criteria, ensuring that every feature and enhancement meets rigorous standards before implementation. The company’s products undergo extensive accessibility testing and compliance verification to guarantee adherence to accessibility guidelines, including COPPA and VPAT compliance.

In addition to meeting regulatory standards, Carnegie Learning invests in research-backed development to enhance accessibility and cater to diverse learner needs. Its learning materials are available in various formats, including text, audio, and video, accommodating different learning preferences. The company offers content in Spanish and supports auto-translation into other languages to meet diverse language needs.

Carnegie Learning empowers teachers to personalize instruction by providing tools to adjust content and pacing based on individual student requirements. Its learning materials include embedded supports such as scaffolding, hints, and explanations to assist students who may need additional guidance. Through differentiated instruction, Carnegie Learning ensures that all students are appropriately challenged and supported in their learning journey.

Hands-On Support for Teachers

Carnegie Learning offers comprehensive professional learning solutions designed to support districts and educators in effectively implementing its curriculum and technology tools. These solutions provide educators with practical strategies and firsthand insights to integrate Carnegie Learning products into their instructional practices successfully.

Through a variety of formats, including in-person visits, side-by-side coaching, and virtual support, Carnegie Learning’s professional learning team delivers personalized training tailored to the needs of educators. By offering hands-on experience and smart training, the company helps teachers shift their mindset, deepen their content knowledge, and create student-centered learning environments conducive to success for all.

One of the highlights of Carnegie Learning’s professional learning offerings is The National Institutes (TNI), an annual event where thousands of educators gather for collaborative learning sessions, dynamic keynote speakers, and networking opportunities. Unlike traditional professional development sessions, TNI provides educators with practical tactics and strategies that they can implement in their classrooms immediately, ensuring tangible and lasting impacts on student learning outcomes.

Personalized Learning Revolution

With over 26 years of dedicated research and development, Carnegie Learning remains at the forefront of ed tech companies leveraging AI to revolutionize education. Collaborating with leading researchers worldwide, the company continues to explore the vast potential of AI in enhancing student learning experiences.

Carnegie Learning’s latest innovation, LiveHint AI, represents a significant leap forward in math education. Informed by 25 years of proprietary data, LiveHint AI is a groundbreaking math tutor built on a large language model. It is designed to emulate student thinking and provide personalized guidance to middle and high school students, enabling them to accelerate their mathematical progress like never before.

Additionally, Carnegie Learning is preparing to launch a pioneering ELA (English Language Arts) solution aimed at tackling the persistent issue of stagnant reading scores among middle and high school students. Backed by extensive research, Lenses on Literature offers students an immersive journey through six reading and thinking stages, culminating in the creation of authentic writing products. By providing purpose-driven learning experiences, this innovative solution aims to increase student engagement and foster meaningful learning outcomes in the realm of English language arts.

Leading the Way

Presently, Carnegie Learning’s suite of acclaimed products, covering math, literacy, world languages, professional learning, and high-dosage tutoring, caters to over 5.5 million students and educators globally. Originating from cognitive data science research at Carnegie Mellon University, the company remains steadfast in its pursuit of innovation, underpinned by ongoing research efforts supported by substantial grant funding from renowned organizations like the Gates Foundation and the Department of Education.

Looking forward, Carnegie Learning envisions the realization of the New Comprehensive Core—a comprehensive suite of products and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of classrooms, ranging from intervention to acceleration. The overarching objective is to streamline the educator’s role and inspire students through a unified curricular solution that fosters motivation and engagement.

Fuelled by a mission to propel learning in every classroom, Carnegie Learning continues to push the boundaries of education technology and AI. The company is dedicated to providing steady support to educators worldwide and nurturing a lifelong passion for learning in every student it serves.