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Cara Scharf: A Fearless Trailblazer Propelling New Frontier of Digital Marketing

A full-service NYC-based digital marketing agency specializing in the video games and entertainment verticals was born in 2009. This mighty agency owes its success to Cara Scharf, the President and, Founder. Scharf works with her trailblazer team at Fearless Media and delivers outstanding campaigns that drive awareness and revenue among its clients.
Scharf is aware of the need for real data that ties back to revenue. “All of our campaigns include extensive reporting and insights to ensure success based on KPIs”, Scharf asserts.
We only take on a small group of clients at one time to ensure performance, provide best in class service, and drive ROI” asserts Scharf. We focus on specific categories so we became experts at understanding what we do”.
The award-winning campaigns of the company are a proven combination of strategy, planning, and overall innovation that enables its clients to be Fearless.
A Fearless Attitude, the First Condition for Success
Scharf launched Fearless Media in 2009, a certified woman-owned and self-financed business. She was already an expert in the industry with 20 years of prior experience. She recalls about the hardship she’d gone through in the initial years. She describes the first years of Fearless Media as filled with days in which she didn’t sleep, didn’t eat, and worked harder than ever.
Prior to Fearless Media, Cara worked with a prominent marketing and advertising agency, which she defines as a scary experience.
I’d risen to the highest level I could with that firm, but I found myself feeling unsatisfied and unhappy. Leaving was a huge decision, but a quick one. I’ve never looked back,” these words reveal the fearless attitude of the born leader.
Scharf’s take on Women’s Empowerment
One of the most difficult issues women face is that people don’t always take you seriously.” The fearless leader further resumes, “If I am running a successful business for almost 10 years now -that should mean something.”
Fearless Media- Turbocharged Marketing
Social Media is the indispensable part of any marketing agency. No one can ignore a brand’s ability to efficiently and productively employ social media which is crucial to its immediate reach and profitability as well as its long-term success. Fearless Media combines story-telling with data-proven insights to create social media messaging that’s not just compelling, but also profitable.
Digital Media
Fearless Media creates and manages integrated media campaigns using a combination of OTT, OLV, SEM/SEO, and programmatic amongst others. The company builds and delivers compelling digital marketing experiences for its clients along with personalized experiences, while retaining qualified audiences.
Adding to that, Fearless unifies media, creative, and buying strategies to create digital media campaigns that will increase the client’s reach, awareness, engagement and, retention.
Paid Search/ SEO
Search marketing is a powerful tool that places a brand and its products in front of prospective consumers exactly at the moment they’re ready to make a purchase. It also returns real-time data that can be used to refine the client’s messaging and website landing pages. The team at Fearless also ensures that the client’s ads display in SERPs for as many queries as they can that are relevant and deliver qualified users. Fearless’s strong call-to-action copy drives traffic to its clients’ sites at above industry standard rates. The team of experts monitors the campaigns of its clients, with special attention to the metrics that are most important to the specific business, such as CPA, CPC, ROI. Additionally, the team shows the respective client how to create paid search campaigns, use the proper keywords, track the effectiveness of every ad, keyword, and dollar spent, and refine the messaging on the fly. “Our proprietary dashboards are created for each client based on their needs.”
Content Marketing
Content marketing provides an indirect and increasingly valuable approach to attracting and retaining customers. Fearless Media uses its expertise and analytics to help its clients create and deliver relevant and engaging content campaigns that support the brand, increase engagement, drive sales, and foster customer loyalty and retention. “In particular, we design custom influencer campaigns that have won multiple awards.”
Traditional Media
Traditional media provides is finally making progress and new metrics are available to track results. TV, print, outdoor and radio such as its entrenched and favored position in the lives of most consumers. TV, print, radio– these all stand important to the team of Fearless Media. If traditional media is important to any respective brand, Fearless is always ready to help you get the best rates.
Successful Campaigns and Crowns of Glory
The results of such high-level client care include dedicated, long-term relationships, glowing reviews, industry recognition, and a host of awards—20 in the last two years alone.
The Fearless Leader, Scharf’s successful journey has been endorsed and acclaimed immensely. She has accumulated a kaleidoscopic list of awards which includes Corporate Excellence Awards of 2018, ACQ5 Awards 2017, CV Awards 2017 and most recent Global Insights Award 2019. Scharf has also been featured in the Clutch as a top digital agency, and Oprah Magazine in 2018 as Leading Women in Business in New York City.
We like to think hard, move fast, and solve problems to ensure success”, concludes Scharf.
Source: The 2019 Elite Business Woman To Follow