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Caplinked: Helping Organizations Share and Manage Sensitive Files Confidently

In this era of digital connectivity enterprises must continuously transmit proprietary and confidential information to people outside their firewall. But once that information is shared, it can’t be tracked, controlled, or recalled—exposing the company to the risk of it could be misused, lost, or stolen. Enters Caplinked, a company which empowers businesses to retain control of their assets wherever they go; including the security perimeter of the company. Caplinked’s secure platform provides companies with easy-to-use tools for capital raises, asset sales, mergers & acquisitions, real estate deals, investor & board reporting, business development negotiations, and other types of complex business transactions. The organization acts as a “risk buffer” by serving as a trusted third party for sharing information with outsiders. Companies that are completely reliant on in-house solutions to share data are carrying hundred percent of the risk by acting as a trusted intermediary. Initially the organization was founded to improve the process of raising money for startups. However, later in 2012 the organization shifted its focus on disrupting the stagnant, outdated multibillion dollar per year virtual data room industry. Currently, Caplinked is focused on organic growth that is customer driven. Recently the organization has expanded into the blockchain and crypto space, to offer the next generation of its products to this rapidly growing market.
The Dynamic Duo
Caplinked is headed by two dynamic leaders, Eric Jackson and Christopher Grey. Eric is the CEO and co-founder of Caplinked. Prior to Caplinked, he used to run the marketing team at Paypal, where he oversaw the campaign to monetize the online payment service and spearheaded product marketing efforts from 1999-2003. After PayPal, he founded a venture called World Ahead Media, which he grew to profitability before it was acquired. A frequent commentator on technology and policy, Eric has appeared on Bloomberg, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, and has been the keynote speaker at events hosted by the Cato Institute and Reason Foundation. His book, The PayPal Wars, won the Writers Notes Book Award and was hailed by Tom Peters as “The best description of business strategy unfolding in a world changing at warp speed.” Eric holds a degree from Stanford University, and lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter. On the other hand, Christopher serves as the COO and is also a Co-founder of Caplinked. Previously, he was a senior executive and managing partner in a private equity and corporate finance for 15 years and was directly involved in the deployment and management of billions of dollars of debt and equity investments in various industries. Christopher founded two companies, Crestridge Investments, a private equity firm that made debt and equity investments in micro-cap and middle market companies, and Third Wave Partners, which made debt and equity investments in distressed situations, and was the managing director of a subsidiary of Emigrant Bank, the largest privately-owned bank in the country.
Path Breaking Solutions 
CapLinked offers a market leading user interface, rights management system, and cross platform compatibility. It has the most seamless product for self-serving customers and the only fully functional API in the industry. It is also building a blockchain based API that will be the first and only in the industry when it is completed in the first quarter of 2018. A new mobile app will be available as well starting early 2018. “We provide Intelligent and easy-to-use tools to help you share files with confidence.”- asserts Eric. However, when it comes to solutions, it offers quite a few path breaking solutions in order to serve its clients.
Ÿ Virtual Data Room: This product helps leverage Caplinked workspaces as a modern, intuitive, and most importantly a secure virtual data room. That to without the need of any plugins, the users are completely free to use any computer, browser or mobile device.
Ÿ Asset Sales and Purchases: Caplinked provides a central location for reviewing due diligence documents, informing potential buyers about the asset, and making those documents available to appropriate parties. With Capinked, prospective buyers, legal counsel, and colleagues do not need to download separate software to get involved with the asset sale.
Ÿ Legal Compliance: Caplinked is the industry-leading platform for posting documents, sharing them with collaborators, and communicating accordingly while conducting due diligence, a full audit trail, and a list of people with access to sensitive documents are all crucial aspects to cleanly running a business.
Ÿ Audits: When it comes to audit, Caplinked tracks all document activity, such as download history, who has viewed what and when, and comments for investors, shareholders, board members, consultants, auditors, and employees to help its users in order to maintain a comprehensive audit trail.
Ÿ Financing: Caplinked consolidates secure document storage and sharing, messages related to the documents, and a complete audit trail into one intuitive platform. And with tools such as watermarking, print-blocking, download prevention, non-disclosure agreements, and proprietary digital rights management, Caplinked allows users to finance their businesses without adding substantial costs.
Ÿ Project Management: Caplinked has designed solutions for seamless business project management, it tracks documents for investors, shareholders, board members, consultants, auditors, and employees to reduce stress associated with complicated projects.
Ÿ Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions: While sharing due diligence materials is at the heart of mergers and acquisitions, utilizing workflow tools is key to making sure the right people see the right documents at the right time. Keeping these files secure, organized, and easily accessible to the appropriate parties throughout the M&A process will ensure that you keep the deal moving forward. Adding to all these, Caplinked can be implemented and deployed in a matter of hours. Users can get started immediately using Caplinkeds’ intuitive self-serve option, and that’s not all the intuitive software interface makes collaboration and sharing simple for all parties involved. Its software-as-a-service offering is device and infrastructure agnostic, and we never require plugins or software downloads.
Offering Value Proposition and Innovation 
The cloud industry scenario is primarily one with stagnation by the big legacy companies that still approach the business the same way as they did 15 years ago. Most of their customers stick with them for brand name recognition and historical reasons, not because of a value proposition or innovation. However, few other smaller organizations like Caplinked are disrupting these older firms and taking market share. In the blockchain and crypto space, it is a greenfield scenario with no current competitors to what it will be offering that have a working product or any marker penetration. Caplinked is excited both about the potential for disrupting and winning market share in the cloud business as well as entering into the new territory and greenfield arena of the blockchain and crypto market. Adding to all these, Caplinked has a feedback loop created with all its customers, users, customer success team, software that tracks every interaction customers have on its site and with the product, and even for every enquiry that is made on its site or with its social media sites. With this range of data that Caplinked collects and analyzes, it decides how to continually improve the experience and functionality with its product offerings. “One of the most memorable was shifting from trying to build a product and market to tech startups early in our history to focusing on enterprises. This was a major shift of the company that required a complete reorientation of the product, our team, and how we thought about everything that we were doing. It has worked out well for us. But it was a big challenge at the time,” asserts Eric
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