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CanQualify: Leading SaaS Provider of Supply Chain Management

SaaS applications are revolutionizing the business environment. They offer many advantages such as low upfront costs, anytime, anywhere access, and automatic updates and upgrades. The SaaS market is seeing major growth in all areas. This growth cycle is fueled by the need for enterprises to reduce costs, while boosting efficiency. CanQualify, a fast  growing cloud-based Supply Chain Risk Management platform. They connect the world’s largest companies with the safest and most qualified suppliers. CanQualify ensures that companies who work for you are prequalified based on your requirements to work.
The Establishment Story
Like all innovations, CanQualify is driven to be the best. SaaS providers in the market sometimes miss the mark when it comes to balancing both technology and personal touch together. Technology is great, but there’s a time and place for it. When the human factor is completely missing from the equation, then there’s a problem. So CanQualify, set out to create a more complete, convenient and cost-effective solution to meet the needs of both their clients and customers. Based in Lehi, UT, the company was founded in 2015.
The Dynamic Founder
Founder of CanQualify, Aaron Harker has effectively resurrected an old art of providing excellent customer service that recognizes customer needs as the ultimate mission. Aaron’s ability to organize and prioritize the small details for overall meaningful impact and true course direction that leads to continuous improvement is one of his strengths. Additionally, his vision for positive change with a good dose of patience is commendable. Aaron Harker would be a tremendous value-added partner and or team member to any organization and a positive influence in his working and personal communities.
Services Offered by CanQualify
CanQualify has a team of dedicated customer service representatives who contact each company and guide them through the prequalification process. Once all client requirements have been submitted, CanQualifiy validates that all hiring client requirements are met. CanQualify validates data annually and or as it expires and communicates any changes to the client.
In addition to CanQualify’s products described below, they consider themselves and their platform to be the service. They make phone calls and provide hands-on support, eliminating the need for a third party to help walk their customers through the process. Their varied products each address specific client needs:
CanQUALifier: CanQualify’s intuitive web-based software platform connects clients with qualified companies
DocuQUAL: CanQualify’s risk-based prequalification form includes collection & verification of client requirements
InsureQUAL: CanQualify’s collection & verification of insurance certificates ensures compliance with client requirements
AuditQUAL: CanQualify’s collection & verification of contractors’ safety manual ensures regulatory & trade requirements are met
EmployeeQUAL: CanQualify collects & verifies employee-specific client requirements
CustomQUAL: CanQualify’s custom prequalification form is tailored to a client’s specific needs
The Client Base
There are many benefits which their clients & customers receive:

  • Reduce time and money spent gathering and submitting compliance information
  • Leverage spend with contractors for even more cost savings
  • Centralized web-based archive of all compliance documents and data
  • Proactive notifications
  • Improved safety culture among contractors
  • Single data submittal
  • Standardized qualification criteria for all participants (levels the playing field)
  • Opportunities for new client relationships

Future Roadmap
CanQualify is growing at a steady pace and will continue to expand and roll out additional products in the near future. Also, as a company, CanQualify is intentional and strategic with continuing its momentum, and it is always passionate about its developing leadership in the ever-growing space of supply chain management. Innovation and creativity have always been the driving force behind their products, and that mission and drive will remain the same over the coming years, positioning them as one of the premier SaaS companies.
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