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Can I file my own ISF 10+2 form?

If you’re determined to make a living by importing goods to the U.S., many articles and companies will try convincing you to hire a licensed customs broker. They give the main reason to help navigate the complicated paperwork required by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP), including the famous ISF (10+2) form. However, players in almost every industry have shifted towards outsourcing and finding online solutions to their daily challenges to cut costs and save time. Importing is no different, and there is no reason in this digital age not to use online customs clearance solutions to file your own ISF 10+2 form and clear your goods yourself.

What is the ISF 10+2 form?

The 10+2 rule only applies to ocean cargo imports and aims to screen high-risk shipments before entry to protect the country from illegal activities or terrorism. It identifies players in the supply chain and amalgamates with the 24 Hour Rule to deliver precise imported goods’ details. The 10+2 ISF form increases the importer’s accountability but reduces examination for low-risk shipments. The CBP compares the data received with the ISF to the data on the Entry Summary (CBP form 7501 or broker entry 7501) to assess risk and confirm the ISF data.
Take note that the 10+2 must be filed with the CBP 24 hours before the cargo sails from the last port of origin into the U.S. You could be fined for late filing or even have your goods seized.

Is a customs broker compulsory?

The above may sound complicated, especially for first-time importers, and even begs the question of whether hiring a customs broker is compulsory. While it may be useful, there is no legal requirement to use one.
Having said that, if you decide to file your ISF 10+2 alone, familiarize yourself with all the CBP rules, procedures, and entry requirements specific to the commodity you are importing. As an importer, you are responsible for coordinating the examination and release of your goods and contacting appropriate agencies besides the CBP if you are, for example importing foodstuffs.

All things online

Using an online solution like eezyimport to file your own ISF 10+2 form will simplify the process, save time, effort, and money. During these difficult economic times, these factors are essential for all importers alike.
eezyimport offers a DIY online customs clearance solution that enables you to succeed in the costly and challenging world of importing. For example, eezyimport’s platform allows you to independently file your ISF (10+2) or Entry Summary in minutes with full visibility and control from any phone, tablet, or desktop, anytime.
The system guides you through the process, and a broker reviews the entry to ensure you have met all customs criteria. Repeat shipments take minutes or even seconds. eezyimport also offers a DIY Broker Entry (7501) service that allows you to sail through the process as a self-filer, but with the added benefit of a broker at your side. Choosing the DIY Broker option is sensible if you’re importing goods that require a PGA (Partner Government Agency) for clearance.
Bottom line, no need for a customs broker. Take matters into your own hands, file your own ISF 10+2 online, and accelerate your success!

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