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CampusLogic: Simplifying Access to College Through Better Financial Aid Processes

Gregg Scoresby founded CampusLogic in 2011 to solve a nationwide problem. In the U.S., more than 85% of college students receive some form of financial aid, but the student finance process is filled with challenges. Inefficient financial aid processing systems, poor student communications, and confusing scholarship processes create barriers to enrollment and retention.
Helping Schools Change Lives
Many students don’t make it into school because of these seemingly insurmountable hurdles—especially low-income students—with 40% failing to enroll because of complex financial processes. “I knew that we could help colleges and universities change lives by simplifying the student financial services journey,” Scoresby recalls.
“I’ve been in financial aid software and operations for about 20 years now,” he adds. “As I’ve met with college presidents, chancellors, business officers and other leaders in financial aid and enrollment over the years, I often ask the question, ‘What would the ideal student finance function do?’ The responses almost always include one or more of what I call the ‘ABC’s of student finance.’ Leaders know that part of their social mission and obligation is to increase accessibility, reduce student borrowing, and drive down administration costs.”
Founder Scoresby’s Vision Becomes Successful Reality
Today, Scoresby’s vision has evolved into a robust, student financial services platform—the only one of its kind in higher education. The Arizona-based SaaS company now helps more than 450 institutions provide easy, mobile, personalized financial services to 3 million students nationwide.
CampusLogic transforms the way colleges and universities deliver student financial services, helping schools grow enrollment, improve efficiency, and increase student engagement by:

  • Creating cost and value transparency in higher education with ClearCost, the industry’s leading commercial net price calculator;
  • Improving scholarship management through ScholarshipUniverse, which matches students’ profiles with scholarship opportunities, streamlines the review and award processes, and keeps donors engaged;
  • Delivering digital award letters and all types of student financial services communications with AwardLetter;
  • Simplifying financial aid forms and processes through secure, mobile-optimized submission and review processes via StudentForms;
  • Driving strategic decision-making with data derived from CampusMetrics, which rides alongside all student financial services products on the platform and provides instant insights to meaningful behind-the-scenes data.

Students and staff can manage financial services processes more quickly and efficiently—supported by text and email prompts, image capture, e-signature, and government-grade security. The cloud-based technology is scalable to serve schools of all sizes, integrates with all Student Information Systems (SIS), and requires little IT intervention. Regulatory updates are seamless and automatic, too.
“By making student financial services more accessible, we’re helping make higher education more accessible,” Scoresby says. “And, that ties directly to our purpose, which is to ‘help schools change lives.’”
New Product, ScholarshipUniverse, Launches in the Spring
Reducing friction across the scholarship process is up next for growth-focused CampusLogic.
ScholarshipUniverse launches commercially in Spring 2018 and is already gaining overwhelming interest within the higher education community. The technology streamlines scholarship management for staff and students, simplifies complex application and review processes, and improves scholarship fund utilization. Plus, for the first time ever, students will be able to match to—rather than search for—relevant institutional and vetted external scholarship opportunities via one integrated collection. “When students get scholarships, they borrow less federal aid—helping to shrink loan debt while also helping students stay in school,” says Scoresby. “And that benefits everyone.”
Education Technology Inspires ‘Hyper-Personalized’ Experience to Drive Success
Asked about the future of EdTech, “hyper-personalized,” is Scoresby’s response. “In every aspect of life—inside and outside the classroom—students and administrators receive a hyper-personalized experience. Think television, healthcare, banking, shopping. Colleges and universities need to drive personalization throughout the education experience for students. In the way classes are offered and structured, down to how students can enroll and finance their education, hyper-personalization is going to drive success—for students and institutions.”
Recent Accolades for CampusLogic
In 2017, CampusLogic ranked 1,426 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in the U.S., placing twenty-eighth in Arizona. The company is also a “Spirit of Enterprise, Emerging Enterprise” award winner, and earned third place on the 2017 Phoenix Business Journal “Best Places to Work” for small businesses.