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C2C SmartCompliance: Reducing Compliance Risk Through User-friendly Solutions

Founded by information security, risk and compliance professionals, C2C SmartCompliance automates the costly manual processes associated with organizations becoming and remaining compliant to multiple regulations standards and best practices.
Led by Compliance Mapper™, C2C’s affordable product suite includes MyRiskAssessor™ and Compliance Assessment Professional™ – collectively representing the next generation of compliance solutions in an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t attempt to change the way people work.
Driving Force
Steve Crutchley, founder and CEO of C2C SmartCompliance, is always looking for an easier way to do things. Drawing on his experience as a CEO of a publicly traded company, Steve founded C2C SmartCompliance with an eye toward developing easy-to-manage products that give busy executives a line of sight into the organization.
Compliance Solutions
The C2C SmartCompliance products help busy executives manage complex compliance issues by mapping the relationships among requirements. This may be as few as a handful of critical requirements or as many as thousands that the organization must meet to stay in business.
Compliance Mapper™ automates the tedious task of regulatory compliance, regulatory change management and intuitive mappings at various levels to ensure line-of-sight across the organization.
MyRiskAssessor™ (MyRA) is a powerful Web-based application that automates the tedious tasks of conducting an asset risk analysis or business impact analysis – whether companies need to provide a comprehensive report for their biggest customer, satisfy a specific regulatory requirement or perform due diligence as part of a merger or acquisition.
Powered by Compliance Mapper™, MyRA is easy to use yet one of the most powerful risk and impact assessment tools on the market. Compliance Mapper™ is a much more encompassing solution that also incorporates Compliance Assessment Professional™, which addresses complex and costly regulatory compliance issues by offering consistent and standardized reports to support business requirements, and much more.
All C2C SmartCompliance products are available in web- or enterprise-based editions that can be tailored for each company.
C2C’s products and approach don’t have any direct competitors. The firm has been working on partnerships with some of the major legacy GRC providers, whose products are considered complementary.
C2C Challenges
One of the challenges C2C has faced from day one is to educate executives that alert services only go so far in helping their organizations remain compliant to new and changed regulations.
Future Prospects
C2C is a growing but agile company that has amassed a track record of producing excellent results for its clients over the years. C2C is also self-funded, which gives the firm greater latitude to make decisions and enter into strategic partnerships, including one recently with IBM.
Advice to Startups
Steve’s advice to fellow entrepreneurs is to remain as close to their core strengths as possible.