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C.N.W.Corporation: Providing Innovative IoT Controllers and Applications

C.N.W.Corporation is the leader in the real-time Internet of Things (IoT) controllers and applications for the tourist attraction and theme park businesses with the ability to seamlessly integrate to the Point-of-Sale (POS) system as well as the RFID, barcode, sensor technologies. CNW’s mission is to provide the opportunities for their customers to obtain the most-recent technologies. Just as CNW constantly updates itself to continually evolve and be a part of the new technologies to better serve their customer’s business.
Customized, Robust and Reliable Real-time Solutions
CNW’s IoT solutions are mainly designed for the places of tourist attraction, theme parks, hospitality, and entertainment businesses. CNW provides IoT solutions for controlling customer and vehicle access control, sound and lighting effects, automatic camera and video capturing, electronic locker, traffic controlling, and various automation in an automatic manner. With IoT solutions, CNW also provides data collection and analytic reports to customers to understand their customer behaviors.
The strengths of CNW’s IoT solutions are that they have continuously developed the robust and reliable real-time controller hardware that can support 24-7 service operation and reliable firmware that can manage information and make a decision in real-time by itself or by the controller/control server which enhances the flexibility and increase scalability for the application.
Driving Force of C.N.W. Corporation
Kavin Chinawong, Managing Director, of C.N.W. Corporation has been working exclusively in mission-critical and real-time business applications for the past 10 years. CNW started their IT division in 2002, focusing primarily on consultancy and technology design for projects that require maximum precision, security, and integrity, and accountability. CNW has started introducing IoT solutions to their customers in 2012 after expanding its IT services to the hospitality sectors by integrating to the IoT hardware with the Point-of-Sale (POS) system for the automatic entrance access control.
Inspired to Fulfill the Customers’ Demands with Futuristic Solutions
CNW has started developing IoT solutions to satisfy their customers’ needs for their day-to-day operation. By integrating, controlling, and monitoring all the systems using IoT technology, it is not only helping their customers to better manage their facility, but also increases their productivity especially improving customer experience which is crucial for their business.
In 2012, CNW’s first IoT project was started which were about the automatic entrance access control which their customer required the seamless integration to their ticketing POS system in real-time automatically. CNW team developed the firmware for the controller board which is able to verify the ticket code with the data stored in the external database. Later, they have developed the firmware and controller board to work with other’s systems and partners to provide the solution to control their devices, such as for sound and light effect, people counting, traffic controlling and monitoring, electronic door and cabinet locks, and various applications using RFID, barcode, and sensor technologies.
Extraordinary End-to-end IoT Solutions
CNW is a renowned and trustworthy company for the real-time IoT controller boards and applications. CNW team applies their IoT controller boards and applications in various systems. For example, entrance access control system, electronic locker system, automatic photo and video capturing and management system, automatic water slide traffic and monitoring system, automatic sound and lighting effect control system, and smart home & smart building IoT automation. CNW also develops the custom IoT hardware and applications to answer their customers’ requirements.
Benefits for Clients
CNW is the leader in IoT solutions for the tourist attraction and theme park businesses. CNW uses industry best practices and works with various partners to build and provide the best solutions to meet the customers’ requirements with safe, reliable, and high-quality standard together with the world-class support. The company renders its services to various tourist attractions, theme parks, and water parks, such as Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark, zoos, libraries and museums falling under the government and private sectors. “The company’s extensive knowledge and experience allow it to contribute business analysis and consulting services to our customers to assist them to achieve their business goals”, Kavin added.
Overcoming Challenges with Innovative Approach
The wireless telecommunication plays a vital role as a foundational infrastructure for IoT technology. CNW’s IoT VPN gateway and 3G wireless connection enabled its customers to control their IoT devices in the various locations which is difficult to access or difficult to provide the wired network with affordable price.
For CNW team, it is a challenge for their business to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology in predictive analytics, and deep optimization. CNW plans to work with various partners to use AI for adaptive learning and decision making to enhance their automatic system in the future.
Future Prospects
CNW invests in its future through research & development and continuous improvement. “Our aspiration is to design and make new innovations to respond to the growing demands for tourist attraction, theme park, water park, hospitality, and entertainment businesses which is both our strength and key-differentiator,” asserts Kavin. The company has applied IoT technology for smart homes, smart hotels, and smart theme parks and plan to work on other interesting projects in the near future.

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