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C-level Authorities of a Video Ad Firm, TubeMogul Launches Real-time Analytics Startup

Arize AI has been launched as a real-time analytics platform for enhancing observability in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Jason Lopatecki, the former Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Strategy Officer at TubeMogul, which is a video ad company that has been acquired by Adobe, is currently leading the startup as the CEO of the firm. Whereas, Brett Wilson, the Co-founder and former CEO of TubeMogul has joined as a board member and an investor of the newly launched firm.
Arize AI has raised about $4 million as its seed round led by Foundation Capital along with Trinity Ventures and Brett Wilson. Even though it’s a new startup, the company has already acquired Monitor ML, a platform that monitors machine learning models in production backed by Y Combinator. The entire team of Monitor ML is about to join Arize AI along with the current CEO of Monitor ML, Aparna Dhinakaran who is joining Arize as the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of the company. Previously, she has built machine learning infrastructure at Uber.
As per the words of Jason and Aparna, though they were serving in separate companies, they were dealing with same type of problems at their respective platforms which they both have observed in big organizations.
Jason states, “Businesses are deploying these complex models that are hard to understand, they’re not easy to troubleshoot or debug, and if an AI or ML model isn’t delivering the desired results, the state of the art today is: You file a ticket, the data scientist comes back with a complicated answer, everyone’s scratching their head, everyone hopes the problem’s gone away. As you push more and more models into the organization, that’s just not good enough.

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