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Business Leadership, Revealed!

According to the Business Dictionary, business leadership is all about the behavior which motivates lower rank individuals to participate in the process of target attainment. Keith Davis defined leadership as the capacity to convince others to pursue company objectives in a passionate manner. This quality creates a clear distinction between a leader and a follower. A leader’s behavior is observed and followed by their followers.
Leaders have the potential to act with expertise and brilliance. They earn these two qualities with the help of preparation and experience. With these, leaders assist their followers and themselves to act objectively. They find new paths, construct motivational foresight and develop new things. A leader moves towards a direction where he/she knows that the path will be beneficial for his/her company.
Different Aspects of Leadership
A person from administration can be a leader, but it is not a necessity that everyone from administration will display leadership qualities. This clear distinction shows that there are certain leadership aspects which undoubtedly differentiate between a leader and a manager.
One of the most important characteristics of a leader is unconventional thinking. As the business world is changing rapidly, a leader needs to think in a different way to cope up with these changes. Moreover, innovative thinking is a necessity to beat the competition and lead his/her pack successfully. This aspect comes in handy when things do not go as intended. Unanticipated incidences can disrupt planning which calls for out of the box thinking.
To convey his/her unconventional thinking, a leader must possess great communication skills. Whether in writing or speaking, he/she should provide motivational as well as convincing message to the followers. There are six ways a leader can interact with the followers, such as, listening, advising, directing, inspiring, teaching and coaching. These interaction styles can help a leader to communicate effectively with the followers.
Moreover, these interaction styles allow a leader to create effective work surroundings. This can increase his/her interaction skills by visiting organizational gatherings. These events will give him/her an opportunity to take a closer look at the management problems. He/she can talk to co-workers and gain more knowledge on a particular problem. A leader can also attain the desired outcome with the help of communication.
Another vital aspect for an effective leadership is confidence. A leader should possess enough confidence so that the followers will show trust in their desired path. This trait assists him/her when their organization goes through a difficult phase and it needs someone to lead -fearlessly. This quality demonstrates a certain level of confidence in a leader. This act of confidence provides assurance among his/her followers and helps to create a peaceful as well as inspirational atmosphere.
Leadership in Business Arena
In the recent years, companies have faced many challenges like changing markets, changing consumer habits and technological progresses. They need to welcome, embrace and apply these changes in their modus operandi. To carry out this process, organizations expect exceptional leadership habits from leaders. These behaviors help organizations to achieve success and beat their rivals in the market.
Million Dollar Habits, a book written by Brian Tracy, highlights four important habits of a great business leader. First, Brian asserts that a leader should develop habit of a great visionary. For this, he suggests a ‘magic wand’ exercise and advices that he/she should feel unrestricted to utilize their full potential.
Second, he states that a leader should identify a key work area in the company and focus his/her energy to attain supremacy in that area. This way, it becomes easy to aim for excellence than ordinary performance.
Third, the author asks new generation leaders to be fearless in their pursuit of goals and dreams. Courage allows leaders to face failures and turn them into success. Brian feels that, a failure in the forward direction always leads to success.
Fourth, Brian advices leaders to face fears which will boost their self-esteem as well as self-respect. As a result, they will feel more powerful and effective. This habit ultimately makes a leader unstoppable.                
In the business arena, a leader should set the motion and inspire followers to contribute in the success of an organization. Their creativity gives birth to unthinkable business solutions and plans. They show right direction to the team and help to achieve objectives set by the company. By equipping them with certain skills, business leaders can become an indispensable asset for their company.
                                                                                                                      – Abhishek Khilare