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Brandon Abbey | CEO | Burstorm

Burstorm: An Intelligent Architect of Futuristic Cloud Solutions

Fulfilling a large part of our daily virtual experience, cloud solutions are increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives. It stores, backs up, recovers data and helps create new applications. Additionally, it hosts websites, blogs, streams audio-visual content, and provides on-demand software. To top it all, cloud solutions include Big Data to make intelligent analysis and predictions, saving costs and improving productivity for enterprises in the process. It would be fair to say that the experience of living in a virtual world would be far less exciting without the availability of cloud services at our fingertips.
On the other hand, increasing demands for cloud solutions is creating a chain of problems of its own. With a huge number of cloud solution providers emerging in the market, enterprises are having a hard time telling them apart from each other without a fair overview, objective comparison and real insights.
Similarly, cloud solution providers have had a tough ask competing with tech giants owing to their limited expertise and resources. In order to win this prevalent cloud war, it is imperative for cloud providers position themselves at the forefront of innovation through transformation in ideas, design, real-time dynamic quotations and deployment.
Burstorm offers a fitting solution to this headache, which aims to bring enterprises, cloud solution providers and futuristic minded developers together to architect an ideal world of cloud solutions.
A Platform to Build Dream Cloud Solutions 
An ideal platform brings various stakeholders together and bridges their various differences in order to unite them in solidarity towards a common goal. Burstorm platform aims to meet these exact criteria to build the cloud solutions of tomorrow. The platform delivers five key functionalities to enterprises and cloud solution providers. These five key functionalities include providing a visual model to compute, storage, network, and datacenter infrastructure. Secondly, it provides a product catalogue consisting of over 40,000 options provided by thousands of vendors. Its third benefit hammers home the bottom line of corporates and helps companies reduce costs. Burstorm provides a comparison of price, performance and value gained with an objective overview in realtime. Additionally, the platform delivers a summary to its clients about the existing state of its infrastructure. It also allows enterprises and cloud solution providers to build and sell applications based on location, performance, price and security. Lastly, it allows colleagues to collaborate in real-time across the globe to envision and build the futuristic cloud solutions.
An Enriching Experience and a Perceptive Leadership 
Burstorm was incepted by Brandon Abbey, the current CEO of the company when he united with leaders from the cloud industry, former Oracle On- Demand President Dr. Timothy Chou and ex-Netflix Cloud architecture guru Edward Wustenhoff.
Prior to Burstorm Brandon worked in the Silicon Valley for some of the largest network and data center providers including AT&T, Qwest and Savvis (now Centurylink). After an enriching professional journey, he moved on to put his own ideas to work as a entrepreneur in the data center colocation space. In late 2009 Brandon, Timothy and Edward formed Burstorm. The company began as an IT brokerage firm working with companies to avail an ideal cloud infrastructure. As the company helped various enterprises, the Founders felt the need to create a platform-based solution to meet the challenges of a booming, rapidly evolving and complex IT ecosystem and thus, Burstorm platform came into existence.
Adding a Touch of Transparency and Innovation to the Future 
Burstorm provides a touch of magical innovation to the cloud solution industry. This includes providing a digital sales and design platform for providers. The platform also automates the process of sending quotation and delivering insights to the clients based on intelligent analysis. The current tools have transformed the ideation, design and quotation process to make it more efficient and competitive.
Burstorm plans to add a touch of transparency and innovation on to its platform, in the upcoming future. The company will add more tools, more insight and more value to the clients. Currently there are several projects in the pipeline to achieve this goal. One example of these projects automates and adds visibility to the design process. Earlier, the sales people did not see designing of projects in real-time and hence, were unable to participate with their suggestions or inputs. With the newly introduced Salesforce Integration , sales people are always on board in the designing process and can communicate their feedback in real-time.
Burstorm continues to rise to new heights due to innovation and constant improvements. Its recent success include receiving the seal of approval from prestigious firms in the industry including the likes of Fidelity Investments, Telmex, managed service providers like Hostway, Systems Integrators like Engility and many more. The reason behind the continuous rise of the company can be attributed to the early challenges it encountered and strategic thinking that developed as a result. In its initial consulting phase, Burstorm was simply providing solutions based on human insights and experiences to enrich IT infrastructures. Over time, the management at Burstorm realized that these human relied solutions were insufficient to deliver the desired results to the clients. It was important to bring in machine learning, rich insight built into a platform to lead the industry; Burstorm has not looked back since.