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Building Your Brand: An Effective PR Plan Boils Down to These 5 Essentials

New to public relations (PR) and want to learn how to use it to build a company’s brand?

The process is more complex than many brand business owners think, but an experienced brand PR expert can help any business develop a plan that is perfectly tailored to their audience and brand. Read on to find out about five essentials when it comes to PR.

  1. Initial Research

Any PR firm worth its weight will begin the process of improving a client company’s image by performing plenty of initial research. This may include primary and secondary research performed using both formal and informal brand methods. The firm will audit news articles and studies not just about the client, but also about its competition, to get an idea of its current baseline and how PR could help to elevate the company’s image. Visit to get started or continue reading to find out what to expect during the next stages.

  1. Defining Objectives

Every effective PR plan includes between one and five objectives, which must align with the company’s goals. These objectives should be S.M.A.R.T., or specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Business owners or internal teams should expect to work with the PR firm to develop goals and determine the company’s objectives before the firm can get to work figuring out how to achieve them.

  1. Investment in the Campaign

Clients should be prepared to invest both time and money into the campaign once it has been established and implemented. This may require making changes to company brand policies and coming up with a detailed budget. Business owners should expect the work of improving the company’s image to be ongoing, especially after a major PR disaster, and should be prepared to play an active role in following the PR plan and maximizing its effectiveness.

  1. Strategy Implementation

Once PR firms have gathered all relevant details about the company, its public image, and its competitors, the real work can begin. The firm will develop strategies and tactics that are tailored to the client company’s target audiences and designed to address the business’s unique objectives given its baseline in the public sphere. PR experts have a diverse array of tools at their disposal for engaging audiences and improving public image. Business owners or internal team members should expect to collaborate with the PR firm to determine which of them will be most effective given the company’s unique situation.

  1. Measuring Success

Don’t wait until the end of the year or the conclusion of the PR campaign to measure its success. Instead, the PR firm should be meeting with the client on a regular basis, at least quarterly, to track progress. If the campaign has already reached or exceeded one of the goals defined when creating the campaign, the focus of the campaign may need to be changed. The same goes for objectives that are no longer top priorities. Meeting periodically to discuss progress and measure success is the only way to tell whether the campaign is going in the right direction, so don’t put it off.
The Bottom Line
Mistakes happen. When they happen within the public sphere, they can have grave consequences. Developing and implementing an effective PR plan is the best way for business owners and their teams to improve the company’s image and build the public’s faith in it, so get started as soon as possible.

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