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British roads might finally have Electric Scooters

The British Government had plans of introducing a public consultancy to promote the use of electric scooters. The British Government wanted to legalise these scooters in the country and this would be a primary step. The consultation that has been spoken of had been worked out sometime in January, where there were issues regarding what rules should be placed on people riding these scooters and similar rules to be imposed on the manufacturers so that the scooter riders are safe on the streets of the UK.
This had been introduced to implement a new outlook and review to the transport facility in the country. Electric scooters aren’t a relatively newer invention, they had been a hit in numerous countries. They had been illegal in the UK due to the countries preexisting laws. These laws state these electric vehicles as motor vehicles. These scooters could not pass the same safety and motor requirements as that of thee cars in the UK and hence they were declared illegal.
The introduction of this consultation would include the use of these electric vehicles in places where they are illegal and also would instil the possibility of any injury that might be caused due to these scooters. The government wanted to inculcate minimum safety requirements such as whether the riders should wear helmets, should they have a valid license and have an insurance. There were questions regarding whether these riders should be given a separate lane or should be allowed to travel on the pavements.