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Brimit: Transforming Businesses Digitally With Top-Class Technologies

Shopping trends from retail stores to online ecommerce websites are nothing new, but the influence of technology and its effects are something noticeable. Modern sites are offering a bunch of benefits to its users, from comparison shopping, personalized and customized recommendations, and the most evident benefit they are offering now is e-tailors. Still, there exist some sites which lack technological innovations.
With a main goal to facilitate digital transformation for companies both inside and outside by utilizing top technologies like SharePoint and Sitecore, Brimit, a leading web development company, is providing the highest possible level of quality and expertise to enhance the ecommerce industry. At Brimit, the highly skilled team is aimed to establish digital workspace for employees and build collaborative environment to enable digital process automation. The web development company is committed to establish digital maturity, align strategic goals and objectives with Sitecore marketing capabilities. The company uses Sitecore Ecommerce offering to create digital experience and engage lifetime customers. The other incredible solutions offered by Brimit are like uCommerce for Sitecore, Kentico and custom eCommerce solutions.
Specialized on Microsoft .NET web platform and Mobile Applications, the company develops solutions in an effective and innovative way by the means of the latest technologies like .NET (ASP.NET), HTML5, AJAZ, SharePoint and latest internet guidelines. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner and Sitecore Certified Solution Partner, Brimit is a team of experts in Sitecore CMS development and support services.
About the Pillar of Brimit
Early in 2002, Alexei Vershalovich, Co-founder and CEO at Brimit, started his professional career as a software engineer for a Government based Enterprise project. After gaining enough knowledge in the engineering sector, he quickly evolved to a business analyst and technical consultant. Once he switched to web focused project, he realized the huge potential of internet and being a net focus engineer, he was engaged in the world of Sitecore Experience Platform, a global leader in Enterprise Web Content Management, and since then he has committed himself to the technology. Brimit was founded on the bases of his ambitions and constant willingness to do extra effort for their clients.
Alexei has an excellent professional career as well as an extraordinary academic career. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree on MMF, Computer Science, Math, and System Analyst from Belarusian State University. He has earned a degree on Masters of Business Administration from the Institute of Business & Management of Technologies. Alexei has served various companies in numerous responsible positions and contributed majorly in their growth. His guidance has helped Brimit to put significant efforts on research & development in core competences, constant technology training and commitment to latest Web Development trends to make them a reliable outsourcing partner and guarantee a top level of service. Alexei has leaded the team to be flexible and open to any challenges that one’s business has encountered across the world of internet.
Combines Classic Strategies to Take Business Forward Towards Success
To keep up with the growing demand for their services is the biggest challenge any business enterprise faces. Brimit balances between steady growth of their team and explosive requests for their services from their customers. The company is known for their expertise in hiring proven professionals or risen talents and given them enough for proper training. Instead of juggling with ultra-modern techniques, Brimit combines with classic strategies like email marketing and cold calling with newer and popular Omni-channel approach for marketing their brand.
Their strategies include personalized messages through different social networks and multiple devices, online engagements and real world meetings with community, educating through content marketing and social networking. Even though they did not state word of mouth as their prime tool, but they say that it is the most efficient tool that helps them to grow.
Brimit serves mostly digital agencies and enterprises with defined digital strategy and willingness to improve their business processes to a new digital level. They say, “We add value by resolving customer needs through providing advanced technology expertise and highly trained resources.” Their flexibility, customer-oriented approach and focus on high quality solutions is what keeps their customers satisfied and constantly forces them to get back to Brimit for their technical support.
Happy Returning Customers and Referrals is the Success-Secret for Brimit
For Brimit, the most important role playing behind their successful establishment stands as their happy returning customers and their referrals. They say that is what confirms them that they are doing the right job and that is appreciated and valued by their customers.
While talking about the journey of Brimit and their distinguishing factor that differentiates them from others, Alexei said, “From our beginning the goal was to focus on quite narrow niche and spread our services only after we become experts in what we did previously. Starting as a small outsourcing company, now we’ve grown to an acknowledged service provider with proven expertise in ecommerce solutions, integration implementation, Sitecore marketing solutions implementation and Sharepoint intranet sites. Nevertheless we keep our focus on technology, leaving some aspects like graph design or content creation to our partners.
Staying Focused on the Goal is what takes one to their Desired Destiny
The highly skilled and experienced entrepreneur Alexei advices young and aspiring businesspersons to do and give their best and stay focused on their goals as that is the only secret recipe to bring in success.
Located primarily in Minsk/Belarus, Brimit often finds it challenging to provide full scope of services to all their clients in Europe, the Middle East and the USA, hence, the company is looking forward to establish their physical presence in multiple locations in the near future.

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