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Bravo Pawn Systems: Carving a Convenient and Profitable Digital Path for Pawn Brokers

Bravo Pawn Systems is a digital path for pawnbrokers to attract new customers, evaluate merchandise that helps take payments simply, and sell inventory using point-of-sale, eCom marketplace, and mobile apps. It has Launched the industry’s unique mobile application – one for pawnbrokers and one for consumers.
Many traditional brick and mortar stores are facing an uphill task to become digital and to do so, in a perfect manner. Going digital opens a world of opportunities including meeting younger audiences and being at the forefront of a click away from sale. However, it also means understanding the know-how of technology perfectly. Bravo Pawn Systems aims to step into this crisis situation and carve a convenient and profitable digital path for pawn shops.  
Using its eCom channels and mobile applications, Bravo presents a digital face to pawn shop customers 24/7 without the extra costs. Pawn customers can shop, make payments, receive notifications, and promptly initiate loans after hours.
Bravo Pawn Systems helps pawnbrokers determine loan, buy, and sale amounts using data from millions of transactions by through the following interfaces.

  • eCom – Bravo helps pawnbrokers liquidate their inventory fast using Bravo’s omni-commerce system that includes Buya, eBay, and their own company-branded website.
  • MobilePawn –  Pawn shops customers can use these mobile application to provide convenience to their customers – they can initiate loans, make payments, and shop without ever stepping foot in a pawnshop.
  • ShopKeeper – The platform also integrates an intuitive mobile application that keeps employees engaged – from a sales associate to the CEO. Users are able to relocate merchandise, live chat with customers, accept offers, and negotiate with customers.

Hurdles to Progress
As Pawn shops enter the digital world, there is a hurdle standing in their way. They face a choice of sharing their important and valuable data to a third party with trust or miss out on their future potential. Brave Pawn Systems experts are optimistic about the future.  
Their vision is led by CEO, Tally Mack, is a fifth generation pawnbroker. She is responsible for completing Bravo’s first acquisition, growing the company to 40+ employees, and launching the customer success and onboarding departments.  
Steve Mack, founder, started developing pawn software in the 80’s. Known in the industry as an innovator, Bravo is his fourth iteration.
Their vision is simple.
According to Tally, “We wish to bring powerful software to the pawn industry – an industry that hasn’t seen technological innovation in 30 years. And we are making constant progress. In a short time, we have on boarded 1,000 stores and 7,500 users on our platform. We have also successfully boarded the biggest pawnshop chains in the US and made headway in the UK by implementing 115 stores from one UK chain on their own Azure instance”
Bravo Pawn Systems have continues to serve small and large businesses alike by focusing on delivering quality service. An example of their satisfied customer is Pelican Brown, a fully family owned retail store. Chase Sharp of Pelican Brown, was new to the pawn business and as a tech enthusiast, he compared the platform with various others in terms of its features.
He found that the reporting features and service standard at Bravo Pawn Systems was exceptional. He said, “Anything I need, I call. Bravo is always happy to help, and if they cant answer my question, they send it to someone who can and always give me a call back right away.”
Bravo Pawn Systems has set its sights on the future. Change is always a challenge, and Bravo has asked many of its customers to move from something safe and known to something new and innovative. At first, the company tried to get its customers to switch from their manual or DOS generating operating systems. Then it was getting businesses to wrap their heads around “the cloud”. Customers are hesitant to move their data from an in-store server to Azure, but Bravo Pawn Systems Experts work with them to make sure they are comfortable with this solution.
At home, the company enables small businesses to warehouse. Abroad, the company continues to expand further into the UK and also China and Japan. It sees a future where it would be important for all pawn shops to be fully mobile enabled and plan to continue its app development adding coupons and more. It is moving towards its destination of becoming a bigger player in the POS space in an assured and continuous manner.
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