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Bramma Learning Solutions: Variety of Consulting Services Under Single Roof

Sajeev Nair, Chief Mentor of Bramma, has MSc. and an MBA, is a great visionary, having excellent corporate experience in the fields of HR, Marketing and Corporate Planning. Mr. Nair is an international level trainer, success coach and a serial entrepreneur and is an author of several books like ‘Tathastu’ and ‘Vijayamanthrangal’. He has been instrumental in creating many innovative training programmes like, TPR (Thought Process Reengineering).
Being “odd one out”, by starting a consulting when it was not so common in Kerala, on such a level that many people were doubtful about the need of one, Mr. Sajeev Nair, started Bramma Learning Solutions in 2008. At the initial stage, when businessmen were not aware about the opportunities and convenience a consultant can bring to them, Bramma changed the scenario by offering excellent services.
Bramma, makes a difference by offering services bit different than others, like when most of the consultants end up by developing numerous reports and templates, Bramma designs MIS but make sure that it is implemented by thorough follow up for 2-3 months. If there occur any issues, the rectifying measures are taken. Thus, when the company is systemized and the information starts flowing an automatic increase of profit can be seen, taking a time period of 6 months to 1 year.
Bramma also takes care of the entire management aspect of a company to make them move to the next level, including HR, Operations, finance and the sales and marketing which makes it one of the rare consultants in the country itself to provide these many services under one roof.
AR Ranjith, CEO of Bramma, has a BTech, MBA and DKM, and has had an experienced hand in developing practical business solutions for the past 12 years. Mr. Ranjith is also having experience in strategizing and implementing result oriented systems for small businesses. He has been a strategy consultant, trainer and solution provider for more than 300 businesses. Prior to Bramma, Mr. Ranjith has worked with IBM, Helix and Kerala Govt projects in management strategic consulting.
Learning Solutions Offered by Bramma
The traditional management style of most of the small and medium level businessmen faces challenges in structuring and systemizing their organizations, resulting in getting stuck in their process of expanding their business. Bramma makes these businessmen consulting ready and then enter into their organizations. Thus Bramma’s first aim was to create 1000 successes in a small and medium business segment by professionalizing their internal systems and procedures.
Bramma provides end to end services calling it “business make over”. First, they analyze the vision of the company, if not perfect they set proper vision, mission, goals for them through vision setting exercises and mind mappings. Secondly, the strategy team develops a proper business model and strategy for them. Bramma also restructures the organization. Third, they help to design and develop KRAs, KPIs for each staff, help in recruiting the best talent, conduct high power training sessions, do through follow up to implement the MIS. Last but not the least, they make sure that the system they design is implemented in the organization by proper follow up. Bramma’s consultants act as CEOs for their clients.
Bramma is providing services in 5 different countries including India, UAE, Qatar, Oman & Saudi Arabia and in the coming years, planning to be the final word of ‘Entrepreneurship’ in South India and in the Gulf region.