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BPM-D:Enabling the Next Generation Enterprise

BPM-D is a consulting company that increases enterprise performance through cross- functional business and IT initiatives – fast, at low risk. They are the expert in realizing the full potential of the BPM-Discipline for strategy execution, including the definition of security and compliance processes, rapid process improvements, value-driven digitalization, standardization, innovative client journeys and BPM Strategy. All services are enabled through their patent-pending BPM-D Framework ensuring fast and minimal risk results.
BPM-D has been in the Enterprise Security area since 2014. They believe that security is not just a technology topic but needs to have a business component. Therefore, they partner with their clients to identify security relevant business processes, analyze them to discover security risks and improvement potentials, and define to-be processes enhancing enterprise security.
Leaders who are Ahead of their Time 
BPM-D was co-founded by Peter Franz and Dr. Mathias KirchmerDr. Mathias Kirchmer is an innovative outcome-driven top executive and entrepreneur. Dr. Kirchmer has successfully led organizations and teams to achieve growth and performance goals in an international environment. He consistently over achieved results in his different roles, including CEO, Managing Director and Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer in the consulting and software sector as well as senior adviser, mainly in manufacturing industries. Dr. Kirchmer is a visionary leader, thought leader and innovator in the field of Business Process Management (BPM), integrating business and technology initiatives. He has combined his broad business experience with his extensive academic research to deliver pioneering management approaches that have proven to be both, sustainable and provide immediate benefits. Dr. Kirchmer identified the importance to bring a business perspective to enterprise security so that security is enabled on all levels. This is reflected in BPM-D’s offerings.
Peter Franz has been working at the forefront of Business Process Management (BPM) for many years as part of a 30-year career with Accenture. After setting up the innovative new company he has continued to assist a number of companies in strategic execution and in establishing a BPM discipline. He has developed a number of innovative approaches to solve implementation issues in pragmatic and results oriented way. These have been encapsulated in the (patent pending) BPM-D® framework. He is an experienced executive with a pragmatic ability to create the spark in translating a business strategy into a manageable execution strategy and then drive towards this goal. He has a deep understanding of the application of Business Process Management discipline to drive real business results. His career includes substantial business change and experience in the use of Information Technology and thus understands the Business / IT interaction from both sides and can help bridge this divide. He is passionate about BPM and its application to real business problems and can provide an independent and objective sounding board as companies embark on this journey.
Opportunities in Enterprise Security 
BPM-D has recognized that security is not just a technology topic but needs to have a business component. Therefore, they identify security relevant business processes, analyze them to discover security risks and improvement potentials, and define to-be processes enhancing enterprise security.
Consultants within BPM-D learn how to address process improvements and transformations in general and how to build the required BPM-Discipline. Then, they can specialize for topics like enterprise security and apply their knowledge in that field.
Staving off the odds 
BPM-D build all BPM-D solutions on their patent-pending BPM-D framework which reflects a combination of many years of practical experience and academic research. This is the basis to deliver best value for their clients, including the enterprise security area.
Rise to the Challenge 
BPM-D has been able to establish over 43 new client relationships in the last three years, including larger international conglomerates. Their work is reflected in 11 books and in over 160 articles, whitepapers and conference presentations. BPM-D has become the partner for building and applying a value-driven business process management discipline.
As every start-up company they have had to overcome the fact that they were not known to the market. The company has to address their target market to increase the visibility while working with specific organizations to build relationships and sell own work.
Maintaing a Long-term relation with Clients 
BPM-D focuses on delivering the best value to their clients. Every project has to be a success, every client a reference.
Acute Advice 
Be persistent to make things happen but stay flexible to adjust when necessary

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