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BPM-D: Enabling the Next Generation Enterprise

BPM-D is an innovative and reliable partner that enables organizations to increase performance and productivity through cross-functional business and information technology initiatives – fast and at low risk. We are THE experts in establishing and applying the Discipline of Business Process Management (BPM), providing significant value through the systematic strategy execution in a digital world.
Dr. Mathias Kirchmer & Peter Franz, Twosome of BPM-D
BPM-D was co-founded by Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, based out of Philadelphia (USA) and Peter Franz, based out of London (UK) at the end of 2013.
With 8 years experience in Accenture as a Managing Director Dr. Kirchmer founded the BPM-Lifecycle team and grew it significantly and with 17 years experience in IDS Scheer as a CEO of the Americas and Japan, he founded and grew the subsidiaries of the international company as combination of service and software business. He has been teaching at the University of Pennsylvania for over 15 years and published 6 books.
Peter Franz had been for 30 years at Accenture. As Managing Director he led the global technology and consulting team in BPM. He has significant experience in the management of intellectual property and the setup of new business units.
Most Innovative and Reliable Services
BPM-D is THE expert in establishing and applying the Discipline of Business Process Management (BPM), providing significant value through the systematic strategy execution in a digital world.
All BPM-D offerings are based on the patent-pending BPM-D Framework which supports a focused and dynamic approach. The BPM-D Framework increases value, speeds up process initiatives and reduces risks. It specifies key aspects of the “process of process management”: organization, process/control flow, data and value. This enables the development of tools to establish a BPM-Discipline in an organization – fast and at low risk.
Their unique framework is basis for five BPM-D core offerings: BPM-D Strategy, BPM-D Governance, BPM-D Value-driven Repository, BPM-D Rapid Improvement and BPM-D Value-driven SAP, which provide immediate value while building a
sustainable BPM-Discipline.They enable a systematic strategy execution a main challenge for 87% of businesses.
Currently, they integrate the different tools into one cloud-based application for the management of a BPM-Discipline. The patent-pending BPM-D Framework, Innovation potential through close link to academia and Deep relevant practice experience differs BPM-D from others in a race of the players.
With the gained success from last two years, BPM-D has won 34 clients, trained over 300 executives in BPM-Discipline, Established legal structure with operating units in the US, Europe, Asia and an asset management unit.
Future Perspective
BPM-D provides the right combination of services, approaches and tools to enable a fast and low risk journey towards the next generation enterprise based on systematic strategy execution.
BPM-D’s vision is to be a leader in enabling the journey to the next generation enterprise and its mission is to be a trusted advisor in realizing the full potential of the Business Process Management-Discipline.
BPM-delivers sustainable business results at a pace with certainty while being fun to work with and exciting to work for.
Suggestions for Startups
Develop a simple idea and a vision where it goes. Test it and when it works, stick with it. Be persistent and execute. Never forget: clients pay your bills so they have to be your focus. Nobody is perfect, but a team can be so. It is built on integrity. When you want to scale, think of your processes and BPM-D as your partner to make them real assets.