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Bolverk XR: Airline Training in VR Makes Total Sense

With the successive wave of latest technology trends, aviation industry has been benefitted in a massive way. AR/VR is bringing immense possibilities to the aviation arena, enhancing passenger experience with in-flight entertainment and assisting the flight crew with immersive training.
It’s so impressive that AR/VR technology has now stepped into the world of aviation. The implementation of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for the flight crew training provides wide opportunities for increasing the effectiveness of the process. This process is really inexpensive compared to traditional process.
Bolverk XR is one of the few companies who provides world-class solutions for the aviation training industry. Let’s go through the interview below to get more detailed information about the company.
1)         Brief us about your company.
Bolverk XR was created to win the market for VR training in sectors that combine expensive assets with mandatory recurring training. Adding an element of fun to otherwise tedious training, while upping the quality and lowering the cost is a great idea, and right now Bolverk XR is proving highly successful in the Airline sector, providing cabin crew safety training to thousands of cabin attendants.
2)         Tell us something about the Founder/CEO.
Bo Bennekov used to work as Development Manager for several large Danish companies, including Thomas Cook Airlines. After falling madly in love with VR, he started Bolverk Games with two equally persuaded VR enthusiasts. After two successful games, Bolverk Games went looking to take another part of the VR market, and settled on B2B training. Bolverk was split in two, forming Bolverk XR. As the CEO of Bolverk XR, Bo handles all product development, hiring, strategic planning and key account management.
3)         What is the present scenario of AR/VR Solution industry?
AR/VR is on the rise, with many players starting to realize that VR can make an actual difference in both quality and price when training employees. The benefits are now looking like winner business cases, and most businesses could benefit year one when investing in VR technology to replace and improve current processes.
4)         How did you get inspired to become an AR/VR Solution Provider?
We bought an Oculus DK1, and was amazed at the immersion and direct impact it had on the mind. We instantly decided to take part in the market-to-come.
5)         What are the Products/services/solutions that make your company unique in the market?
We build highly focused, highly specialized training scenarios that solves real-life problems for training managers in the airline industry. And we are targeting multiple sectors afterwards, building upon the learnings from the airline sector.
6)         Tell us something about the benefits gained by your clients/users from you.
We add the ability to train and retrain without adding cost each time. At the same time, making mistakes does not have real-world consequences, and the students get to repeat the training as many times as they like. On top we generate data about the habits and pitfalls in the training, and can progressively improve the education.
7)         With the introduction of newer technologies like AI, IoT, and vast improvement in wireless technologies & telecom infrastructure, what are the scopes and challenges coming with it?
We are already testing a multiplayer training scenario, and with the new wireless headsets, crew can train with each other in the same aircraft from multiple locations. The challenge for us is growing fast enough, because the market is there and wanting to utilize and exploit the new paradigm in training technology. Adding a layer of data-smarts (AI) to the training data will enable us to answer questions that we don’t even know to pose right now.
8)         What can be expected from your company in near future?
We have several larger airlines in the pipeline, and we will be raising a series: A funding to further own a significant, dominant market share within the next two years. Expect us to grow from 10 employees to 50 on the same timescale.