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Bluewolf: Welcome to a New Era of Digital Transformation

Nearly two decades ago, there were only a few organizations that realized the importance of digital solutions as a key driver in achieving business outcomes. Bluewolf not only pioneered cloud consulting, but also has emerged as a global strategic leader in today’s cloud marketplace.
Bluewolf, an IBM Company, is an award-winning global consulting agency that builds digital solutions designed to create exceptional customer and employee experiences. As Salesforce’s longest standing partner, the company has logged more than fifteen years of transformative work for companies around the globe.
In 2000, at the peak of the dot-com bust, Bluewolf was born. Despite economic turbulence in the tech sector, the emergence of cloud computing sparked a new wave of innovation and flexibility. There was immediate potential for the cloud to change business and technology infrastructure for the better. Eric Berridge recognized an opportunity to leverage cloud, social, and mobile technologies to help companies become more agile and better engage their customers.
The Driving Force
Eric Berridge, CEO of the global consulting agency Bluewolf, holds an MBA in Entrepreneurial Finance from New York University, and a BA in English from UC Berkeley. As CEO, Eric drives the strategic direction of the firm, working with his executives and their teams to deliver extraordinary customer moments.
Eric’s vision and commitment to superior digital experiences and customer engagement has helped thousands of organizations globally to get closer to their customers and drive profitable growth. Prior to Bluewolf, Eric held executive positions at Interworld and Oracle.
Bluewolf has expertise in Salesforce, Digital Marketing, Quote-to-Cash, Analytics, Change Management & Learning, Public & Private Training, Cloud Integration & Development, Mobile and Cloud Governance.
Bluewolf’s suite of consulting services span the entire customer journey with Salesforce–from strategy and planning, to design, implementation, and ongoing innovation. The company helps align disparate functions between sales, marketing, customer service, and IT by focusing on cloud technology strategies that enhance the client’s customer engagement.
Effectively Delivering the Services
With eyes on driving results from day one, Bluewolf’s experts embed themselves within clients’ business for a series of strategic activities that drive organizational alignment, prioritization, solution design, and success criteria.
To effectively deliver a smart, frictionless customer experience, organizations need a partner who can deliver a mix of customer experience strategy, technology implementation, and design execution. This is Bluewolf’s “sweet spot” – the blend of technical subject matter experts, management consulting, and a digital design agency.
Shaking hands with IBM iX
The Salesforce market is significant and growing. As the proven Salesforce strategic partner, Bluewolf is satisfying demand by finding and onboarding talent outside of the ecosystem to close the resource gap and further support its customers.
A significant part of Bluewolf’s strategy will focus on rapid growth across the U.S., UK, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific.
On future strategy, Eric says, “Combined with IBM iX, we will be able to create more transformative experiences for clients through an advanced portfolio of offerings.”