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Bluestepstudio: Building Sites that Reflect Quality and Business Philosophy

It is truly fascinating to see how the websites have evolved through the years. With each new breakthrough in the design architecture, there has been a visible shift in the trends observed in the sites all over the globe. From being artistic and poetic about the content with high-quality images, audio interactions, 3D Programming and sophisticated animations; modern websites are now more minimalistic in design, with a flatter architecture that is mainly focused on the content. This latest trend could be largely credited to the realization that web users are mostly content seekers and hence many of the web developers are striving on presenting content in an intuitive, efficient, and in a concise way.
By offering high performance, user-friendly, well integrated and creative web application design and development solutions, Bluestepstudio has ensured seamless services throughout the entire deployment and ongoing support procedure. Bluestepstudio offers the above-mentioned solutions as standalone units as well as part of a multi-level system. They are in terms with the fact that many interfaces and in-app stuff would get adapted for a certain user and this is what most of the designer’s work at Bluestepstudio is concerned with.
Designs that Quench every Single Business Needs
Right from its early days, Bluestepstudio has ensured seamless services to deliver productive, scalable and highly secure web application solutions expressly designed for their client’s business needs. They specialize in managing all processes related to a communication project.
The Studio has showcased its expertise in web designing, Digital Consulting, Mobile & Tablet applications, Branding, Responsive Web Design, E-commerce, and Content Strategy.
Bluestepstudio has been observed to invest a considerable amount of emphasis on getting the brief, or the starting point, right. Whether it’s media, advertising, branding or a digital project, clients have continually experienced a 360° branding and communication strategy that pinpoints an issue or problem with high precision. Once the briefing has been worked out, Bluestepstudio shares it with people from different disciplines and backgrounds to bring with them unique perspectives to solve their client’s business and marketing needs.
Forecasting the Future trends and Embracing every Errands
Bluestepstudio aims to build long term professional relationships with their clients. With consistently high-quality work at the heart of their business strategy, client’s satisfaction seems to be the ultimate goal at Bluestepstudio. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise to find some prestigious names in their long list of clients. In spite of being fortunate of having a diverse client list, there are none who could be termed as a typical Bluestepstudio client. This, in fact, provides the studio with a rich seam of experience that is fully incorporated for the benefit of the client.
The Leadership at Bluestepstudio is cognizant of the fact that VR technologies would undoubtedly hold a significant place in our everyday lives very soon. Even though Virtual Reality is being used for professional training and the healthcare industry for years now, VR is gradually leaking into the entertainment industry. Virtual Reality technology’s popularity is evident from the rising popularity of VR cinemas, and soon tickets would be sold for remote live events too, such as sporting events and pop concerts.
Their clients include Fadil Berisha (an acclaimed New York-based Fashion Photographer), Contini Wines (one of the oldest and most prestigious wine producing establishments in Sardinia), Iva Zanicchi (a popular singer), Red & Black Jeans, Onderler Holding (an award-winning Dârâ Kırmızıtoprak project), Life in a Box (a touching photo essay by Dragi Nedelchevski), Publicis and much more.
The Conscious Designer at the Helm of Affairs
A Digital Creative Director with over 15 years of extensive experience, Andrea Sotgiu, the Founder and CEO of Bluestepstudio, is passionate about delivering top notch digital concepts, specializing in Digital Design, Interactive Design, User Experience, and Digital Identity. He considers himself lucky enough to be able to work in several different creative environments, with different people and clients, for the past 17 years.
Andrea started out in multimedia, and then moved to digital advertising, all the while staying focused on entertaining and surprising the audience. His areas of expertise include Web design, Creative Direction, Art Direction, E-Commerce, Consulting, Startups, Social Media, Branding, iPhone Applications, iPad Applications and Front-End Development.
Andrea is currently moving towards design automation. He is currently working on lots of frameworks, tools, and kits that would take the complexity out of the designer’s work.
At Bluestepstudio, Andrea is looking into Readymag, Semplice, Slides, and Unbounce that eliminates the necessity to build landing pages. The best part of these tools is that it simply saves the effort required for developing a responsive design.
Bluestepstudio has been accredited and recognized by the industry’s leading webmasters. They have been endowed with several accolades that include, The FWA, Awwwards, The Dieline, Communication Arts, Web Design Index, CSS Design Awards, Logo Lounge, DesignTaxi, Css Awards, Design Apart, Webdesigner Trends, Design Charts, HTML Inspiration and much more.
Bluesstepstudio’s passion for design is the main reason for all their successes. Their creativity is highlighted in their designs and their quality is experienced by their clients. Their philosophy of simplicity is equally complemented by their extremely crafty designs and Bluestepstudio is well-recognized in the industry for the commitment they showcase through their long-term relationships.

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