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Blueface: Making Communication Simple

The concept of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) has been around for some time, however there are various interpretations and variations. UCaaS seeks to create a single system to handle all communications media which a person might use including phone, video, chat etc. Many systems which have attempted this simplification have ironically resulted in something unwieldy.  This has been changing recently as new developments in technology and interface design have impacted the usability and efficacy of such systems. One such pioneer in the field is Blueface.
Blueface is a leading Unified Communications-as-a-Service Provider to Business, Enterprises and Carriers. It is a technology driven, Irish-owned Cloud Telecoms provider. Founded in 2004, Blueface has operations in Ireland, Italy and the UK. Offering targeted solutions for small to medium sized business customers and customized Managed Communications services to large corporates, Blueface is focused on delivering real costs savings through the use of ground-breaking technologies coupled with a reliable value proposition.
Leader behind Blueface
The company has experienced substantial growth under the dynamic leadership of Alan Foy, Group CEO at Blueface. Alan holds a Bachelors in Business Studies, a Masters of Arts and Masters of Letters from University of Dublin, Trinity College. He is responsible for the strategic direction and overall management of Blueface. He works closely with the management team on a day-to-day basis to execute Blueface’s growth strategy and lead the company’s expansion into new markets.
Prior to Blueface, Alan was an executive with NCB Group (now Investec) on the wealth management side of the business and worked with Coyle Hamilton (now Willis) in the area of business transformation. Alan was President of the Trinity Business Alumni, the Chairman of the Ireland Funds Young Leaders committee and Board Member of the Ireland Funds.
Core Strategy of Blueface
Blueface’s strategy is built on a core commitment to delivering cutting edge, innovative solutions which empower their customers’ businesses while providing extensive cost savings. Stunning innovation with revolutionary pricing, and carrier grade reliability is at the very heart of Blueface’ DNA.
Blueface has a very sophisticated deployment model which ensures that deployment of service post-sale is rapid and efficient. Pre-qualification of the proposed site ensures that the deployment is both suited to the end use and capable of installation. Blueface deployments revolve around zero-touch hardware configuration and a suite of sophisticated online tools for user management. Blueface CRM will provides additional functionality, integrating seamlessly with the UC platform upon release in the short term.
Key Features of Blueface
A key element of Blueface’s service is the close integration of mobile and fixed voice, along with the integration of various other channels. Their user interface has been developed over the past twelve years, constantly evolving from user feedback with the latest UX/UI features which enables the end user to self-manage – it gives control of the most sophisticated elements but in a very simple way on any device. Blueface is also rolling out their own CRM that gives SME’s out of the box integration between their phone calls and their sales and marketing process.
Blueface as a Team
Like any company, Blueface owes its success to their people, who make it happen each and every day. They are fortunate enough to have a team of talented, hardworking and most importantly, genuinely nice people. They have established a culture where high performance is expected, and delivered. People at Blueface are at the heart of everything.
Future Perspective
Bluefaces in-house engineering team has spent almost 100,000 development hours on the company’s new platform. They have already rolled out white label service across 12 countries, to major mobile carriers and ISPs, and the latest version has already been selected by an MNO and a pan-European ISP. They expect demand to remain high as businesses continue to demand advanced cloud services.
Simultaneously, Blueface will also be launching into the United States, France, Germany and Spain to complement their existing operations in Ireland, Italy and the U.K. Their new voice platform is making this possible so the second half of 2016 is shaping up to be an important and exciting time for Blueface.
A little bit further down the road, it will be time to organize the official launch of their CRM and some other interesting and innovative projects which they want to bring to the market.