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Blue Label Labs: Ideal Partner in Developing Mobile Apps

Once an IT catchphrase, “Mobile App”, now has transformed into a very real phenomenon for businesses and consumers alike. Ameliorations in network technologies, restructuring of revenue-sharing pattern, decrease of mobile data usage cost, increasing adoption of smartphones, and application usability has contributed to the growth of mobile application adoption globally.

Founded in 2009, NYC based, Blue Label Labs is one of the leading mobile, tablet and watch app design, development and marketing agency. Partnering with entrepreneurs, enterprises and digital/full-services agencies, Blue Label Labs has built over 90 iOS, Android and Windows-based apps.

With a vision to become the world’s premier app design, development and marketing agency Blue Label Labs is moving forward with its mission to help entrepreneurs, agencies and enterprises achieve all of their mobile, tablet, wearable, TV and internet-of-things app goals, accompanied with its best in class services.

Bobby Gill, Co-founder and CTO of Blue Label Labs, is a graduate from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science and MBA from Columbia Business School. Prior to founding Blue Label Labs, Bobby was a Program Manager at Microsoft within the Servers & Tools division. At Blue Label Labs, Bobby’s role as CTO entails providing strategic and technical oversight for all apps Blue Label Labs produces. Additionally, while partnering with Jordan Gurrieri, Co-Founder, Bobby co-authored “Appsters: A beginner’s guide to app entrepreneurship”. Bobby says, “We both are lovers of technology and programming, this passion makes the tough times bearable and the good times even more sweet.”

Cutting-Edge/Bleeding-Edge Technology

Blue Label Labs is a 27-person agency that partners with entrepreneurs, enterprises and digital/full-service agencies to build iOS, Android and Windows-based apps. Blue Label Labs can help with everything from design and development through pre-launch marketing/PR and post-launch maintenance.

There is a simple process Blue Label Labs follows, First is, they live and breathe, cutting-edge/bleeding-edge technology, so your app will similarly be cutting-edge/bleeding edge with a long “shelf-life”. Second, with a perfect mix of local, domestic and international talent you are guaranteed to get the optimal mix of a high quality product and a fair price. Third, you will be assigned a dedicated Program Manager (PM) who will be your one point person for all of your needs and questions.

Fourth, the size of the Blue Label Labs team means you don’t have to worry about the “single point of failure” issue that exists at smaller shops of just one or two developers, nor the burden paying for the high overhead cost associated with the much larger shops. Fifth, with over 6 years of operation and over 90 apps completed, they have both the experience and extensive re-usable code base to ensure your app is built as efficiently and as inexpensively as possible. Sixth, their QA and Testing methodology is rigorous and as important to them as the actual development-meaning your app will be as bug free as is possible.

As customer’s satisfaction is the number one priority of Blue Label Labs. Some of its satisfied clients are American Express, BabyMed, and Swift Financial Corporation, to name a few.

Blue Label Labs will continue to grow in the future, as being a premier app design, development, and marketing agency, with the plans of going beyond the mobile device, tablet, watch and TV and into any and all innovations brought forth in the internet-of-things of the future.