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Black Wolf Digital: Putting Clients on the Front Page of Internet

As a current trend, it is increasingly observed that Digital Marketing is being used to push brands as a hard sell, rather than a soft sell. This has come out as a major deterrent among the audience which considerably brings down the brand value. With Digital Marketing, it is essential to create an atmosphere where the potential users are not suffocated by the product.
Black Wolf Digital is a full service digital marketing agency that recognizes that, in this age of online influencers, they have the ability to provide a humanizing aspect for a brand, especially for the corporate ones. With a combination of a scientific and a humanistic approach, they constantly work on giving their clients the exposure that they need.
Services from Black Wolf Digital
Search Engine Optimization
With SEO, your business will get the traction that you’ve always desired. At Black Wolf Digital, with detailed data analysis and accurate forecasting, their client’s customers get what they want and when they want it. They make it easy for their customers to find them and for Google to guide them. With over 200 variables available for ranking, their Wolf Pack Methodology has made them the top SEO agency in Malaysia.
Web Design and Development
A Website is considered a brand’s virtual home and it is essential that the customers be able to find and get what they need without frustration. The team at Black Wolf Digital design websites, beautifully and scientifically, while keeping in faith with great design symmetry and easy function. They take great care while designing the User Interface (UI), so as to enhance the User Experience (UX). All this is done to uphold their client’s business philosophy through the medium of visual design, content and functionality.
Search Engine Marketing
Black Wolf Digital’s expertise incorporates Pay Per Click techniques for Paid Search with glass door-like transparency. They keep their clients in loop of every single activity. The team at Black Wolf Digital uses a complex combination of data analysis and emotional understanding of the customer’s psyche to understand who to target, when to target and why to target. Through their understanding, they aim to form perfect partnerships with their clients, so as to be an extension of their clients and their client’s clients. By approaching this business ethically, they are able to help their clients target the right audience down to pixel level detail, which is data driven, as well as understanding a person’s emotional triggering to purchase.
Black Wolf Network                                                                            
Black Wolf Network is a social network of connected bloggers ranging from different specialties, from the most trending ones like beauty, food, travel and lifestyle to the specific ones like technology, apps, gaming and mobile. This network seeks out independent bloggers to cater to different racial and language demographics across the region. With the Black Wolf Network, influencers are given direction with how to rank their blog posts or how to detail them, so they reach peak SEO efficiency.
Social Media Consultation
The Power of Social Media is that you don’t even realize when it’s being pushed on to you. Black Wolf Digital has a deep understanding of public relations, branding and data analytics, which enables them to spot a trend as and when it happens. They make sure that all their customer’s needs are met and feedback is received and acted upon appropriately through open communication. The social media marketing strategy of Black Wolf Digital also involves real time application, where sometimes actions may be counter-intuitive, but it works. They don’t oversell you a product you do not need, only as and when needed.
Leader of the Pack
Nicholas Ng, Managing Director of Black Wolf Digital, has worn several hats in his colorful career. He was previously a practicing lawyer, having acquired his degree in Law from The University of Sheffield. After his short stint as the Head of Public Relations in a digital agency, Nicholas established Black Wolf Digital with two other partners. His experience also includes that of a columnist in a variation of magazines which helps with the understanding of how marketing is important, especially when establishing a tone and direction for a brand.
Challenges faced and Challenges facing them
The biggest challenge faced by most clients to ensure client retention is by keeping a cohesive digital experience, and that can only be brought upon by the client’s employees. At work, they have to make sure that their employees are satisfied. Nicholas has observed that people are most creative, when they are happy with the work they are doing. At Black Wolf Digital, they make sure that their employees are motivated to be able to feel that they are a part of the family, which in return helps a company produce good work.
At Black Wolf Digital, the web designers listen to copywriters and vice versa, their SEO specialists understand Paid Search and in this way a fully integrated digital ecosystem is created where every person can see every other person’s point of view.
The Binding Force of the Wolf Pack
The team at Black Wolf Digital believes in responsible marketing, with no compromises on quality and complete transparency with the clients. The SERP ranking has proved that they are one of the best Search Engine Optimization services in Kuala Lumpur. Each member of the wolf pack has developed multi-vocational skills that prove essential to truly understand digital marketing. They have proved their might to themselves first and later to their clients.

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