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BioIT Solutions: A Platform Enabling Biotech Success

BioIT Solutions offers advanced computational, workflow and data management solutions for biotechnology research, clinical diagnostics and drug development. Years of experience working with research scientists and biotechnology managers inspired BioIT to address the most pressing operational needs of biotech companies with a streamlined, user friendly, and highly cost effective solution.
With the introduction of 1Platform4®, BioIT enables its customers to quickly model their existing workflows in a manner tuned to their specific technology and work practices. 1Platform4 deployments can span R&D, product development, inventory management, manufacturing, compliance, and sales to enable smooth integration of corporate functions.
Mike Fannon, Scientific Data Analyst to Entrepreneur
Mike Fannon is the founder and President/CEO of BioIT Solutions. As an undergraduate studying physics, he developed programming skills to analyze scientific data and saw the potential of computer systems to automate complex and laborious tasks. After 8 years working for a major corporation and earning an MBA, he started an IT services business in 1990. His first customer was a biotechnology company, launching a 25-year stretch in the biotech industry serving in a variety of capacities, including Chief Information Officer and director of high-volume DNA sequencing for Human Genome Sciences. He launched BioIT Solutions in 2006 to build advanced systems for emerging and established biotech companies, providing capabilities that Mike wished were available when he was a CIO.
According to Mike, “The rapid convergence of biology and information science is creating an excellent opportunity for effective solutions for research, diagnostics, and personalized medicine. BioIT is at the forefront of this trend and we want to be part of transforming medical practice. What differentiates us even further is the way we help customers transition from scientific invention or discovery to commercialization”.
Implementing Effective, Adaptable Solutions
To obviate the need for a different application for each function, BioIT developed 1Platform4 to integrate multiple scientific and business processes in a logical, consistent and responsive work environment. 1Platform4 supports most functions that a typical biotech organization uses. The novel software is delivered using a rapid deployment process that begins with an expert review of customer processes and needs. Within a few weeks, customers begin productive work with a basic version of a system, gaining experience and directing adaptations. This method is more effective, flexible and less costly than traditional software development approaches.
BioIT’s strategy is built on three key pillars – Firstly, their proven expertise in biotechnology and ability to bridge scientific work and business needs. Secondly, a deployment methodology that complements the scientific process. Finally, a software platform that accurately models biological data and automates routine information processing functions. Their commitment to customer success has been a guiding principle in the company. Mike says, “My colleagues and I are fortunate to have worked with a large number of people in the biotechnology industry over the past 25 years. Customers who have personally experienced BioIT’s staff and 1Platform4 system recognize the value of our solutions. That network of individuals has been a great source of referrals, spreading the word about their positive experiences and the superior results achieved.”