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Binumi: Shaping the Future of Digital Storytelling

Today’s teachers are dealing with a generation that has never known life without the internet. There is a need to integrate digital technology into their teaching methods that will engage students and aid the development of 21st century skills. If students are to have a competitive edge, educators must harness the full power of these digital technologies and create learning opportunities with digital storytelling.
We live in a digital world which is highly visual, interactive, engaging and shareable. The future of education paints a picture of success for those institutions that embrace the need for digital storytelling, preparing young learners for the world of tomorrow. Education institutions are looking for solutions to help them adapt to how students consume, create, and share information.
One education solution provider that offers a turnkey solution is Binumi. Digital storytelling no longer requires expensive equipment, technical expertise or lots of time. Binumi also solves content and copyright challenges as well as e-Safety issues that are often associated with video platforms. Binumi makes it possible for all subjects to easily incorporate powerful communication through video creation for every student.
Binumi: Helping Everyone Make Videos Worth Sharing
Binumi is an online platform that helps everyone make amazing digital stories by offering a rich cloud-based universe of royalty-free content, GPS intelligence, and advanced integration, coupled with editing and publishing tools.
For schools, Binumi features the world’s first curriculum-linked video project Assignment Tool. This gives teachers the ability to assign video projects in a few clicks and students everything they need to complete projects; including, instructions, content, editing tools, safe private publishing spaces and personal video portfolios.
In Higher Education, professors utilize Binumi to produce stunning courseware while students capture academic materials, compose presentations, and create digital CVs and portfolios. Students also share the stories that help define the excitement of life on campus– a fast growing valuable marketing asset for University recruitment.
Anthony Copping: National Geographic Filmmaker turned Entrepreneur
Anthony Copping, the Founder and CEO has had an incredible life journey. He has traveled to some of the most remote places across the globe in quest of indigenous music and the origin of languages. His documentaries were showcased on the National Geographic Channel, and his journey was labeled as “the most dangerous expedition in the history of music.”
One of the key things Anthony found during his travels was that humans connect through stories. Consequently, he became concerned by the growing disparity in education where children around the world did not have equal access to digital storytelling.
“I went on a mission to build a platform whereby a 14 year-old student anywhere in the world could create short documentaries with nothing more than access to the Internet. I’m very proud, because students as young as 5 are now telling video stories with Binumi.”
Being able to deliver that vision required four steps. First they needed video content that was without copyright restrictions and free to use by everyone – especially students who do not have the resources to travel across the globe shooting videos. Secondly, they needed a platform in which users could discover content in a way that enabled storytelling. The third thing was an online editor, one that young people could use to put together video stories in minutes. Lastly, a digital storytelling space was developed so stories could be published and shared across all platforms. With these four components up and running Binumi’s vision had become a reality.
Making of Creative Storytellers
Binumi makes it possible for all students to access digital storytelling. It helps develop important literacies and meets the needs of 21st century education by promoting critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication. Binumi provides active learning opportunities through video whereby students become content creators. The result is improved involvement, engagement, and retention both at school and home. Video projects offered by Binumi ranges from in-depth explorations found in documentaries to multimodal learning environments for language learners.
Unique Digital Solutions Provider
Binumi combines three essential elements of digital storytelling: content, tools, and publishing. The company is the only platform in the world that offers this solution. Binumi offers seamless integration with innovations like the Assignment Tool, cloud-based and template-based editing experiences, private sharing spaces, and ability to share stories; all highly valued by Binumi’s educational institutes worldwide.
Developing and Growing Worldwide
Binumi has seen success in over 10 countries including Singapore and Taiwan and is quickly emerging in the USA as a major player to watch. The Australian Government also has taken notice as a new government initiative will give Educators across Australia immediate access to Binumi and the world’s first digital storytelling learning tool by the end of 2016.
Binumi’s new mobile app featuring GPS-tagged video content has great potential for stories on-the-go opening up new commercial sectors such as tourism. Binumi continues to develop new technologies, helping grow partnerships with leading knowledge and content organizations.
Over the last twenty years, technology has reorganized how we live, communicate and learn. Binumi will enable the education sector to update their teaching methods to truly embrace and lead the development of 21st century digital storytelling skills.