You are currently viewing Big Bang ERP: A Dedicated Cloud ERP Solutions Advisor to Boost your Business

Big Bang ERP: A Dedicated Cloud ERP Solutions Advisor to Boost your Business

By implementing cloud ERPs, CRMs, MRPs, and ITSM systems, Big Bang ERP, a leading cutting-edge boutique cloud consulting firm, supports businesses to optimize and streamline their processes. Their greatly skilled team of specialists works together with organizations to succeed in exceptional business enhancements for every department in the enterprise so that the companies can focus on what they do best; rather than on repetitive manual processes, spreadsheet management, and other non-value-added activities.
Acting as trusted advisors, Big Bang ERP delivers their diverse proficiencies and in-depth expertise to the achievement of organizations around the world. The team at Big Bang ERP is dedicated to helping businesses and customers achieve their goals with smart, effective, scalable and superior, cutting-edge cloud solutions that are provided on time and within the scope.
Their methodology for consulting follows a proprietary seven-step process that has business needs as its foundation: The Big Bang Experience™. Responsive consultants work right with their clients to detect process gaps, propose solutions, and implement customizations for ERP, CRM, MRP & ITSM systems for companies of all sizes and industry.
The Big Bang ExperienceTM is the approach used by Big Bang ERP to amplify the triumph of their client cloud business transformation. The process safeguards the project team and ramps up successfully in which needs are documented, solutions are proposed & reviewed, development work is validated, and the system is deployed efficiently.
Maven Leaders of Big Bang ERP
Mark Rhyman, Co-CEO & Chief Business Development Officer, holds a Masters’ degree in Computer Science from Concordia University. He is a Forbes Tech Council Member and a successful entrepreneur. Mark enjoys the challenges that come with being a successful business owner and in sustaining the tremendous growth that Big Bang ERP has experienced over the past year and a half. The challenges have kept Mark on his toes and given him the opportunity to meet and work with incredibly talented people along the way.
Gabriel Tupula, is the Co-CEO & Chief Operating Officer, holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the l’École Polytechnique/University of Montreal. Gabriel Tupula Yamba is a leader in operational excellence and corporate growth.
Gabriel’s cumulative experience in information systems, software development and internet marketing allows him to be a creative problem solver and a result-oriented project manager. As an analytical thinker, he can see the big picture and create a road map to tangible results. He can also reconcile the gaps between advanced technological concepts and practical applications. Gab adapts his strategies to meet the needs of the client, each with unique business processes. He aims to leverage existing tools and out-of-the-box solutions combined with the expertise to meet their client’s requirements and business culture.
Serving Diligence and Intelligence
Big Bang ERP distinguish themselves from the competition by proposing multiple solutions so that the customer can choose the best option for their business. Big Bang ERP currently uses, provides, implements and supports the following best in class cloud application development, ERP, CRM, MRP & ITSM software such as:
Primary ERP, CRM, MRP & ITSM solutions: NetSuite, Salesforce, FinancialForce, Rootstock and ServiceNow
Cloud ERP, CRM, MRP & ITSM Extenders: Avalara, B2BGateway, Nexonia, OzLink, Pardot, RFSmart, SPS Commerce and newly launched Big Bang ERP SlackBot for NetSuite.
Services offered: System selection, Business Process Review (BPR), Implementation, Development, Migration, Integration, Support and Training for cloud-based business solutions.
Big Bang ERP has a clear understanding of different solutions to the market and is doing competitive analysis to be able to differentiate the strengths and weaknesses of the top tiered solutions.
Benefitting clients with exceptional working techniques
Big Bang ERP has the upper hand over many consulting firms. The company believes in recruiting young talented employees who will have both functional and technical expertise. Their strategy has worked out very well for them since it makes it easier to ramp up the pace on projects as well as maintain budget constraints.
Big Bang ERP experienced global growth in the past years. Their team can assist customers anywhere in the world in a very responsive manner. They have also expanded their official territory with their product partners to support both America and EMEA. They also successfully opened a second office in Mauritius at the end of 2016 to serve the emerging EMEA territory.
Driving towards the Future Dream
In April 2017, Big Bang ERP added Rootstock and ServiceNow to their Industry Specific Solution Partners and just recently, they launched the first custom SlackBot for NetSuite users at SuiteWorld 17 in Las Vegas during their sold-out breakout session. This SlackBot allows teams in every department to reduce emails, admin tasks and time while maintaining quality and increasing productivity. Any critical process can be expedited in Slack with easy commands to pull information about all the leads, push new information to NetSuite or to notify Slack users. It’s a fast, streamlined process that allows bi-directional communication via any mobile or desktop device that has the Slack App.
Big Bang ERP, a NetSuite 4-Star Award winner is now offering their “SlackBot for NetSuite” to their customers for free. They can customize each SlackBot for any of the following departments: Sales, Orders, Procurement, Project Management, Financial/Accounting and Marketing.
Cloud-based CRM, ERP, MRP and ITSM systems have become the backbone of many companies, and Big Bang ERP is looking forward to bringing the most cutting-edge, time-saving, cost-effective, quality cloud business solutions for every department.
“I am so proud of all the hard work that has gone into making Big Bang ERP what it is today and bringing creative, quality solutions to the table like our SlackBot.  Not only will it make people’s life easier while on the go, but also accommodate the new generation of employees who very much prefer texting and working remotely. This is only the beginning for us and we look forward to having our talented team of experts bring even more ingenious ideas to the table” shares Mark.
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