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Beyond the Arc: Enhancing Client’s Customer Experience

Taking advantage of technology has been a Bay Area agency’s approach to help their clients reach success. Beyond the Arc combines big data and analytics with strategic skills to help companies create richer, personalized experiences for customers.
 Steven J. Ramirez, CEO of BTA has set the vision and strategy by developing technical solutions, as well as the training and culture change needed to make new initiatives successful.  With new technology constantly reframing the way we do business, the BTA team helps companies effectively and profitably manage business insights gained from new technologies to create more valuable customer relationships.
Expertise Services
Customer Experience Strategy
BTA’s Voice of the Customer program uses strategy, text analytics and communications to help companies find and fix their pain points at the moments that matter, build a customer-centric company culture, optimize communications and sharpen team skills, and evolve digital experiences to delight customers.
Customer Communications
From small projects to large-scale transformation, BTA specializes in communicating complex technical topics in plain language that customers understand. The BTA team has written and edited over 15,000 customer communications and represented over 300 million customer touchpoints.
Brand Strategy
BTA believes that thoughtful brand execution and activation are critically important. By providing many tools such as reference guides, online and classroom training and model language, BTA brings brand strategy to life.
Customer Analytics
BTA’s expert data science team uses structured and unstructured data to gain actionable insights, driving the value of businesses. As an IBM business partner certified in IBM SPSS Modeler, they specialize in predictive analytics, text analytics, social media analytics, and analytics training.
BTA’s customized client training builds alignment and drives success for key initiatives. Through engaging, thought-provoking learning experiences, BTA gives businesses a solid understanding of what customer-centric success looks like and how to achieve it.
Future Panorama: While reflecting on the future, Steven says, “Predictive and text analytics are combining to create amazing new Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. By applying machine learning, devices of all types can begin to adapt to a user’s preferences, without the user having to spell it out. When combined with the Internet of Things, we see a world of connected devices, and greater information and convenience. We’re on the doorstep of an exciting new period.”