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Beyond the Arc: A Strategic Way to Communicate, Analyze, and Engage

Through its strategic consulting, advanced analytics, and effective communications, Beyond the Arc helps its clients sharpen their focus to make improvements, which matter most to their customers. This allows its clients to differentiate their business and win in competitive markets.
BTA’s strategic guidance and hands-on, tactical execution to help its clients implement better experiences for their customers and end-to-end solutions range; from customer journey mapping, to advanced analysis of customer’s data, to revised communications strategies, helps it to collectively improve their experience.
For over 20 years, Beyond the Arc has helped businesses in implementing technology to their competitive and economical advantage. The firm has always leveraged Silicon Valley’s playbook to help its clients innovate and succeed. It has continued to be at the cutting edge of trends like Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning & AI, and Social Media.  The company has always leveraged technology to help its clients in achieving success. Beyond the Arc combines big data and analytics with strategic skills to help companies create richer, personalized experiences for their customers
BTA’s love of solving difficult problems is always evident from the solutions they provide. The team enjoys working with people in a collaborative way, and wants to help organizations improve their consulting is a natural fit. From its experiences working with banking, utilities, and technology; BTA has become aware of the fact that confidentiality is vital and uses rigorous security policies, procedures, and technologies in all the tasks it carries out.
Beyond the Arc has a very efficient and hardworking team made up of critical and creative thinkers, each with a specific set of skills, capabilities, and experience. The multi-faceted nature of the team of strategists, technicians, and creative professionals with a passion for serving our clients, is what makes BTA a forerunner in its industry.
Leading the Way of Beyond the Arc
Having completed his BA and MBA from the University of California, Berkeley; Steven Ramirez, the CEO of Beyond the Arc is leading the company very efficiently and proficiently. His main focus lies on helping his clients become more customer-centric. Steven is a strategic advisor with over twenty years of experience working with entertainment, technology, fintech, and financial services companies. He has strong strategy development, marketing, PR, and negotiation skills along with significant experience in managing mergers and acquisitions.  He leads his team to create data-driven insights, and then build action plans to make it happen. Steven’s latest initiative is leading the company’s Roadmap to AI contribution.
Steven’s expertise focuses on effective customer experience and communication strategies to help companies achieve success through key corporate initiatives, and mergers and acquisitions.
Steven also leads Beyond the Arc’s practice in data science and predictive analytics. He advises clients on how to deploy advanced data and analytics technology to make better decisions. Under Steven’s leadership, Beyond the Arc was recognized by CIO Review as one of the 100 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers in 2017.
The Extraordinary Consultancy Solutions that BTA Provides
Beyond the Arc is an integrated agency that helps companies with challenges related to digital transformation. There are three themes to its work: Communication, Analyzes, and Engagement. BTA provides hands-on support to its customers, en route to improve their overall experience in, content marketing, data science, and media relations.
The firm works towards helping its clients to reduce customer attrition and build a loyal cliental. It lets its clients to become accustomed towards using social media to acquire new customers, to tell their company’s story through local media and community influencers. Cooperate acquisition and to ensure a successful integration of the same area, are the prime pillars of the BTA forte. BTA provides a unique text mining and data mining approach to its clients to let them obtain voice of the customer insights. Deploying advanced analytics to optimize smart grid and other technology investments of its clients is another key service the firm provides. BTA also helps its clients promote their story through its media relations, content marketing, social media, and communications for all channels and touch points.
BTA works with clients from various industries, extending its services to the Fortune 50 companies, as well as venture-backed startups.  Financial Services, Technology (semiconductor, software, telecom, and internet), Media & Entertainment, Consumer Electronics, and Utilities are some fields the company specializes in.
Although its cliental includes leaders in IoT and AI, Beyond the Arc continues to up its game, incessantly in those areas. To manage data efficiently, the company helps develop design algorithms and machine learning systems to generate new acumens. BTA helps its clients to tell their story to the press, business influencers, and social media; to manage the communications part effectively.
Key Features that Sets BTA Apart
Beyond the Arc believes that customer experience is the most important aspect of a business, even if the company does not consciously try to shape the way it engages with customers. To create deeper relationships that lead to customer loyalty, and even customer love, BTA has to start with data-driven insights.  Communication is the key; businesses should be able to communicate what differentiates their company, and convey what makes them special. Another aspects of a business, is to have the value proposition clear, strategies should be there to reach out and engage customers and other stake holders. As an agency, BTA helps its clients address these key challenges.
BTA’s passion for customer experience is a key factor of that makes its business a success. Combining strategy and hands-on execution, it helps companies build stronger, more profitable customer relationships, and effectively manage risk. The company thinks that data science, social media, and mobile tech are game changers in today’s business world, and works towards helping its clients leverage them to improve customer experience and differentiate their brand.
The firm is focused on digital transformation; it appreciates the importance of coalescing analytics, communications, media relations, and technology. These puzzle pieces are almost always part of the solution, when it comes to customer experience challenges.
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