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Best Buy begins contactless services.

Beginning from 22nd March 2020, Best Buy had begun the contactless curbside services. This type of service allows only employees into the store. All the orders, whether given in person or online would be delivered by the employees to the customers outside in their cars. Only employees can handle and deliver goods to the customers, as the customers are not allowed to come into the store. This system facilitates the returns and exchanges of items, the same could be informed by the customer via email.
They stated that for any particular reason if someone was unable to order a product before hand, the store employees could go in and fetch the same for them. Best Buy has also suspended all in-home installations and repair services along with its product recycling and trade-in services. Many of their employees have been working from home and this has increased the need to learn and adapt inside ones house. They have taken to refrigerating and freezing food.
Best Buy has reduced their delivery options to only large items such as TVs and refrigerators to the customers door step. This has caused inconvenience to the customers, but was a mandatory step for both the welfare and health of the store workers and customers. It also stated that all the employees who are working and functional now are doing do voluntarily and all those feeling sick have been given paid sick leave.