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Beauty Bosses the World Applauds

The world has been a treasure trove of innovations which has benefited people in multiple ways. One such innovation could be framed as cosmetics. Any person would want to look their absolute best on all occasions. Even on a normal day, one would expect to receive at least one compliment come their way which boosts their personality. The art of grooming oneself has seen changes in many ways. The earliest cave people discovered that a stone when sharpened can be used to shave, the ancient Egyptian women found that bathing in milk makes the skin extremely soft and supple and that beetroot juice can be used as a lip color. Additionally, they also discovered the khol which is a very prominent beauty product present in everyone’s makeup kits today. Commonly found kitchen items were being used to enhance one’s features. As the years went by technological advancements gave rise to a plethora of choices in the beauty section.
Cosmetics instantly evolved into a colossal industry in itself with various categories ranging from skin care, hair care, fragrances, bath essentials and makeup. By the spring of 2017, the citizens of the US had bought 98.11 million worth of cosmetics. This level of consumption has brought some of the most popular beauty brands into people’s home. And we are going to talk about the ones that have sent ripples across the ocean of cosmetics.
Affordable Makeup with a Unique Story – Maybelline
Maybelline | Insights SuccessSometime in the 1900’s a nineteen year old boy saw his sister who had burnt her eye lashes in an accident, preparing a concoction of powdered coal and Vaseline. She then went ahead and spread it on her almost non – existent lashes, but lo and behold. The next moment her eye lashes looked comparatively thicker and longer. Thomas Lyle Williams had a eureka moment and decided to sell a similar formulation. This where the legacy of Maybelline began. It is interesting to note that the company’s name was derived from Thomas’s sister’s name Mabel and her idea of using Vaseline. The Lash Brow Line went on to become the “first modern eye cosmetic for daily use”.
Today, the company stands as one of the top makeup brands in the world, with a wide range of face, eyes as well as lip makeup. Maybelline became a beauty supply mogul and its sales skyrocketed with the revenue standing at 25.14 billion in 2016. One of the things that helps Maybelline outshine many other brands is the easy availability and affordability of the products.
Starting Young to make it Big – Estee Lauder
Estee Lauder | Insights SuccessJosephine Esther Mentzer started working with her uncle at a very young age and was exposed to an array of medicinal creams related to skincare. She found herself drifting into the world of makeup. At her Uncle Dr. Schotz laboratory, she turned her attention towards finding solutions for people who want to look good in their natural skin. In February 1944 she set up her own office along with her husband Joseph Lauder. The breakthrough moment for her was when Youth Dew – bath oil and perfume was launched, making it one of their most sold product with 30,000 units sold in a year.
In the year 2017, the company raked in revenue of 11.824 billion USD which reflects Estee’s words “I have never worked a day in my life without selling
Anastasia Beverly Hills – Venturing into a Solo Empire
Anastasia Soare | Insights SuccessAnastasia Soare founded her brow products company in the year 1998. Prior to it, she had her own salon which was frequented by high profile actresses and models. In the year 2000 she came up with a highly advanced brow kit after observing that a lot of women weren’t concerned about them. But since it was a complicated product in those days, it didn’t work out and was pulled from production.
The life – changing moment for her business came with the introduction of social media. Her daughter suggested Instagram to her, which is a photo and video sharing application. Social media at the time was growing and Anastasia decided to take advantage of this. She decided to put up video tutorials of how to use her brow products as well as pictures of upcoming products. It didn’t take too long for her business to take off. So much so, that she became the pioneer in eyebrow grooming products.
Today she has over 485 products under her brand name that are sold on over 20,000 stores globally. This brings their revenue upto over 350 million USD. She gives credit to the fact that her strategy of giving out samples to smaller beauty influencers and garnering their reviews worked out very well for the brand.
Huda Beauty – A Synonym for Beauty
Huda Beauty | Insights SuccessIn 2013, a beauty blogger and beauty Youtuber decided to start a new journey that would take her to the very top of the charts. Huda Kattan prior to being a beauty blogger, worked in a finance company and wasn’t happy with it. Makeup being her happy place since her childhood, she decided to take her chances and start a blog – Huda Beauty. A lot of young girls noticed her and her work which further led her to go more in depth and started a YouTube channel by the same name. Over time, the entire world had heard about the girl who did makeup like no one else. She was efficient and created looks that anyone could easily learn and replicate.
In the year 2016, she decided to take a plunge into making her first line of beauty products and as they say, her story has just begun. By the age of 33, Huda has established a beauty empire that has common people as well as the biggest celebrities raving about it. Starting from just producing fake lashes, Huda’s line has now expanded into lipsticks, eye shadow palettes and facial contour kits. Huda describes herself as a hands- on boss who likes to keep track of everything on her own and treat her brand like her baby. The dedication towards her brand has paid off with revenues reaching 309.2 million USD.
The world of makeup is elaborate and extremely extravagant. It is an art that only a few can excel in and the personalities above are epitomes of just that.
– Urvasi.S.Talekar

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