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B&D Consulting: Innovating for a Safer World with Intelligent Solutions

The volume of threat data is exceeding the capacity of even the most skilled security professionals, and organizations are drowning in a sea of information that continues to grow as rapidly as the threat landscape itself. The transformation from traditional process to new platform that embeds for unique ability of Cyber Security is necessary to understand, reason, and learn about security topics and threats.
As the focus shifts from protection to prevention, a new dimension of opportunity in application and data safety is being evaluated for business security. One of best companies functioning as a data security consultant is B&D Consulting, Inc., which is helping various organizations to develop a secure architecture for their businesses. The company provides Innovative Cyber Security, Intelligence, Integrated Services, Engineering, Cloud Computing, Mobility and Unified Communication Solutions for an unpredictable world. B&D Consulting is dedicated to become the premier service provider to government organizations by providing cost-effective solutions to assist non-profitable organizations in meeting their mission objectives.
B&D promotes an environment that encourages new ideas, high quality work, and professional achievement. They treat their employees honestly and fairly and ensure equal opportunity for employment and advancement. The company believes in encouraging its employees for commitment towards further developing their careers, as they offer continual education and training opportunities as an investment in their people to deliver outstanding results to the company’s clientele. Therefore, the employees strive to provide superior quality products and services and create a diverse and engaged workforce which benefits in stability, program continuity, and a dedicated attention to their challenge.
The Technology Impresario behind the Force
Jeff, the CEO and President of B&D Consulting, has more than 20 years of experience as a systems integrator, IT engineer and network security professional. He began his career in the United States Army as a Sr. Network Systems Analyst, quickly progressing to Network Administrator and Information Management Officer and eventually Information Systems Security Officer. After leaving the Army, Jeff started noticing the increased need for innovative IT solutions in both the federal and commercial workplace. He chose this field based on his keen interest in ground-breaking security engineering coupled with his knowledge of this field, which is always expanding and pioneering new technologies.
Jeff’s believes that the workplace should provide flexibility, an atmosphere for collaboration, and teamwork and allow the employees’ to constantly learn and improve their skills and knowledge.  B&D strives to provide a work-life balance for their employees by offering telecommuting options and a generous, comprehensive benefit plan. In addition, there are training classes, opportunities to learn from other industry partners and areas for employee collaboration. To foster a ‘family’ atmosphere, a BBQ is held every Friday afternoon at the Hagerstown facility, once a month there are social gatherings after work, an annual retreat for employees and their families and an annual holiday party. Such activities are all encouraged by Jeff for better employee engagement.
The services rendered by B&D
B&D intends to deliver superior solutions to their clients by identifying their issues that need resolving, examining solutions, measuring and managing performance. They provide solutions like Performance Based Services Acquisition, Engineering, Cyber security & Information Assurance (IA), Information Security Management, Cloud Computing, Mobility, Unified Communications, Integration and Testing and Program/Project Management.
B&D understands that one of the most important challenges facing agencies today is the need for widespread adoption of performance-based services acquisition (PBSA) to meet mission and program needs. B&D also provides enterprise-wide engineering services that encompass network engineering, cyber security, and systems engineering to deliver an all-in-one solution to its clients, including end-to-end network infrastructure, design and configuration methodologies by using the most trusted security hardware, software, approaches, and best practices. They are well known for Zero Day Attack Solutions (Behavioral Security), Penetration Testing, Security Assessment, Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V), Certification & Accreditation (C&A), Plan of Action & Milestones (POA&M) Management, Incident Response and Security Awareness Training Management.
They help their clients with data assessment, management, migration, protection, and sharing of information assets to increase communication, knowledge, level-of-service, and mission assurance. The company’s approach is based on finding a proper balance between being IA focused and providing full functionality to the end users, ensuring data is protected and Information Systems are compliant, while ensuring that the functional needs of users are met.
Future Plans of B&D Consulting
As B&D is developing and adopting technologies related to big data, cognitive computing and the Internet of Things, cyber threats are proportionately growing in both volume and complexity. The race is on to secure these systems and devices before fraudsters figure out how to exploit them. The team is constantly broadening its knowledge of the latest technologies and innovations to competently provide cutting edge technologies to its clients. The company’s consistent top-class performance, awarded by their clients, helps them to stand out from the competition and also win new businesses. The outstanding performance and high-quality engineers of the company are well-known in the industry as they believe  “every day we are creating new inventive and innovative technologies.  We employ some of the brightest and most talented individuals in our industry.  Our state-of-the-art R&D facility in Hagerstown, MD is developing emergent technologies that will not only benefit our government clients but also the commercial industry”.

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