You are currently viewing BASE Solutions: Technology Consulting Expertise to Achieve Competitive Advantage

BASE Solutions: Technology Consulting Expertise to Achieve Competitive Advantage

‘Providing the best services with the greatest pleasure!’ BASE Solutions, the complete technology solutions partner, is offering a wide array of services related to Managed Services, IT Management Consulting, and Web Design & Marketing. Clients need guidance in these technologies to deliver results, and assistance in implementing these technologies.  By working with BASE, client can be assured they are moving in the right direction!

Customer-Centric Solutions for Advancements in Technology
As organizations are expanding and strengthening their IT infrastructures, Cloud Technologies such as Microsoft’s Office365 can prove to be essential for reduced costs with a system capable of quick and easy expandability. Acknowledging specific needs and concerns of the customers, they provide cost-effective technology solutions while making their clients’ business more productive and competitive.  BASE Solutions, has partnered with the leading Cloud Technology providers and has successfully deployed custom cloud solutions to a variety of clients.

IT management consulting service is provided by consultants at BASE having real-world experience as business leaders and management executives, who provide insight on the most effective ways to run a business. Technologies ranging from Disaster Recovery to Virtualization, BASE helps its clients to determine what solutions are best for expansion of business demands.
They have implemented their expertise as well as technology and strategic management solutions in a variety of industries; including accounting firm, law firm, insurance agency, financial institution, and numerous other businesses with computer needs.

Discreet Leadership for BASE Solutions
Atul Bhagat, Founder and President, BASE Solutions, is an MBA, and has held multiple technology related management positions. He has over 15 years of experience in managing and implementing technologies, and his expertise in consulting services ensures each firm will utilize its skill-set to secure a successful future in today’s competitive market.

Atul says, “The biggest benefit our clients get when working with BASE Solutions is truly personal and customized experiences based on the needs of their business”.

In an example, he mentions a client (law firm) who reached a point where their growth was impeded. BASE, quickly assessing the situation, implemented a series of systematic upgrades over the course of 5 years including a Document Management System, increased storage, and a case management system. This resulted in drastic improvement in client’s technologies and processes, enabling them to grow and hiring five times the employees than earlier and pinning next location in the map to open the next office. And this was the first herculean task BASE executed when they came into consulting.

Interaction with potential clients made people at BASE realize that there were consistent complaints of the lack of responsiveness from other service providers. With this feedback, professionals at BASE decided to make every client feel like their concerns, no matter how small, are a priority for BASE, and with committed superior 24/7 Technology Support, clients meet their needs in a timely fashion.
In coming days, what excites Atul is the Partnership of BASE with Intronis and Office 365; and the possibilities of helping existing and future clients of BASE to grow their businesses with these.