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Barracuda Networks Makes Way for their Next Generation Firewall on Cloud Platform

Firewall on Cloud Platform
IT services supplier Barracuda, a few days ago declared that will be putting their product NextGen Firewall with the latest version 7.0 on the market soon. It is specially made for enterprises which are using the local cloud environment as that of Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s AWS.
Barracuda Networks NextGen Firewall of version 7.0 makes perceptive network boundaries at work places, distant areas and different offices and also satellite sites. These can also be distributed in local places with public cloud platforms.
The latest version of NextGen Firewall gives cloud centered main management backing in Microsoft’s Azure with the addition of a large quantity of coped firewalls inside of a resident and configuration group. This permits enterprises to transfer assignments and tenders to Azure.
Barracuda Networks, networking company which specializes in supplying security, network solutions and storage products related to network products and cloud solutions. Barracuda Network’s security items involves products for which protects against email, site surfing, internet hackers, and also real-time messaging threats such as junk, spyware, Trojan and viruses.
This NextGen Firewall also proposes managers an entire view of cloud distribution, consisting devoted console widgets which displays information like local IP address, domain name and DNS server taken from the cloud data center. These data center contains NextGen Firewall plus cloud instance sort, these latest firewalls will be running.
This version 7.0 Firewall of F-Series contains enhanced next generation security abilities similar to tender and customer awareness, fully integrated Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), internet and mail related security, and fully integrated Advanced Threat Detection (ATD).