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Ayurveda – ‘A Medical Boon for Mankind’

Ayurveda, Ayur is ‘Life’ and Veda is ‘Science’ so Ayurveda is the ‘The Science of a Life’ the traditional medicinal practices of India and the oldest Healthcare system in the world, having lots of benefits of Ayurvedic medicines over modern medicine. Evolved with the profound understanding of the universe and its creation, a system of both preventive and curative medications, Ayurveda has been used for at least 5000 years or 10, 000 years. Ayurveda realizes that everyone is distinctive and consequently, each person’s path towards ultimate health is unique. Halpern, Founder and President of the California College of Ayurveda frequently say, “Nothing is right for everybody, everything is just right for someone.” Ayurveda is just a way of understanding what is right for you. Ayurveda helps people to know just what types of food, colors, aromas, sounds and touch will make a state of equilibrium and harmony inside the head and body, and it’s a boon for mankind.
When the body and brain are in harmony, the regular structure is restored, and healing takes place. Ayurveda defines physiology with regards to 3 forces called Doshas. Each person has all 3 of those doshas with them. The equilibrium of these three doshas in the moment of pregnancy defines what Ayurveda calls one’s structure or Prakruti. These doshas also fluctuate by exactly how we live our lives and as they decrease or increase they cause different conditions inside the head and body. The goal of Ayurveda is to bring back the right balance of those physiological powers. This is accomplished by using one’s senses properly and living a healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda uses diet, colors, aromas, sounds and touch to restore equilibrium. Ayurveda is among the most advanced herbal sciences in the world and herbal medicine plays a huge role in Ayurveda.
A Natural Gift to the World!
Ayurveda advocates optimum health with whole natural science. Ayurveda teaches us to synchronize our body, mind, and soul with the rhythms of nature. Also suggest that if we follow good morning startup with the natural routines with proper diet and aromas that heal our body, mind, and soul, and it gives disease free uncomplicated life. We need to strive towards achieving this perfect balance because balance is health while an imbalance is what is known as illness or an ailment.
Ayurveda balances all the doshas like; Vata, Pitta, and Kapha which is the solution to bring most of the diseases to termination, even before they destroy the operations of the human body or inhibit with the smooth functioning of the internal organs. Not only does Ayurveda gives best detox therapy, but Detox as an ideology is also something that can happen in our body with peace in the heart and calmness in our minds. With this practice, there is a total match of the process to excrete impurities and surges health and well-being.
The Big Question “Is Ayurveda an Alternative to Modern Medicine?”
It is important to realize that Ayurvedic medicine and western medicine are not competing, but sometimes western medicines are appropriate, or at other times, Ayurvedic medicines can be the key. However, Ayurvedic herbal medicine has been demonstrated to be far more effective than western medicine when dealing with chronic conditions.
As the name suggests, Ayurveda has a very detailed description of every aspect of not only health but of life.  Modern medicines are responding admirably to crises which require quick, intensive, invasive intervention and deals far less effectively with slowly progressing degenerative diseases. For that, drugs as panacea gives us relief from the sickness and pains or painkillers give temporary relief for the pain, but cause serious side effects too in our body, drugs can be a panacea or poison too. Those side effects generate other diseases, and the chain is going on. So, it will be better than cure further, go with natural treatment and live healthy.
In Ayurveda, from the ancient times ‘Yoga’ and ‘Holistic Healing’ is the major part of the natural treatment and has been a part of the people’s life, not only in India but the world also, western culture also grasps it. Holistic healing is the healing that gives physical and mental benefits, naturally. People are struggling with excess fat, calories, joint pains, mental disorders, etc. It helps in healing a patient’s whole mind, body, and soul, improving the overall quality of life. Ayurveda helps to treat in different ways:
Immunity Boosting: The immune system is the natural defense mechanism of the body, it contributes to fighting with disease-causing bacteria and virus. Ayurvedic medicines, home remedies for treatment, made by the multitude of herbs and oils mixed to produce a tonic that increases appetite and strengthens the body’s immunity.
Heals Completely: The Ayurvedic treatment involves changing the peoples lifestyle and increasing physical activities. Herbs preparations administered by the Ayurvedic practitioner which helps in treating the diseases and it’s symptoms along its root.
Stress Relieving: Stress is one of the significant causes of poor health and the tonics, therapies, and massages included in Ayurvedic treatment supports in reducing stress and improving physical well-being by restoring the state of mood and bringing about a harmony between the soul and the body.
Body Purification: Purging the body of toxins and prolonging it at the proper balance is the core aim of Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic drugs and tonics promote thorough cleansing from within to increase overall health. Panchakarma is the most effective cleansing Ayurvedic treatment.
Important Ayurvedic Healing Treatments
Nowadays, everyone refers to Ayurveda as an alternative and some extent lower level or poor science and is frowned upon, just because western reasoning doesn’t accept or know any other science doesn’t make it less necessary. The advantages of Ayurveda are so powerful that even in the 21st Century; these practices are extremely popular for living healthy.
Abhyangam: ‘Rheumatic complaints, stiffness of joints, spondylosis, spondylitis, back pain, sports injuries, and frozen shoulders
Abhyangam is the general full body hot oil massage with medicated herbal oil in the dosha according to the medical condition of the patient using medicated oils on a daily basis as a part of the lifestyle to ease pain and reduce fluid accumulation, aiding the removal of toxic accumulation. It is a very effective rejuvenation therapy which improves cellular regeneration, circulation, immuno-modulation, and sound sleep. It is an effective treatment for rheumatic complaints, the stiffness of joints, spondylosis, spondylitis, back pain, sports injuries, frozen shoulders, etc.
ElaKizhi (PatraPotaliSwedan) or Swedana: ‘Chronic Back Pain, Rheumatic, Arthritis, and Paralysis’
ElaKizhi (PatraPotaliSwedan) or Swedana also called as sweating, is an effective method to treat the patients of Arthritis, paralysis, chronic back pain, rheumatic complaints, pain and swelling in the joints and the emaciation of limbs. This treatment is done by the Medicinal leaves, herbs bundle, are processed or dipped into the medicated oils. This Ayurvedic dose is also effective to stimulate and strengthens the nervous and muscular systems, reduces stiffness and pain, increases the circulation and metabolic rate, and improves the skin tone.
NjavaraKizhi or Pinda swedam: ‘Treating to strengthen nerves and muscular pain, arthritis, sciatica, paralysis, sore muscles weakness, blood pressure and cholesterol levels’
Njavara Kizhi or Pinda swedam is one of the effective massage therapy, which follows the process of perspiration induced body scrub followed by a rejuvenating bath. It is very effective special Kizhi therapy that helps to treat muscular pain arthritis, sore muscles, and general weakness, and paralysis, also helpful for regulating high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It improves and render strengths of muscles, nerves, and purifies blood and is beneficial for all types of joint pain, rheumatism, and emaciation of limbs, sciatica, and certain kinds of skin diseases. Also, this therapy improves the general body weakness, the skin color, and complexion.
Sirovasthi: ‘Deafness, degenerative brain, Parkinson’s, and insomnia’
Sirovasthi Ayurvedic treatment includes retaining of medicated oils over the head for a given period. The medicated lukewarm oil is allowed to retain over the head for about an hour within a leather cap fitted around the head. This effective treatment helps to cure a chronic headache, psychosomatic stress, facial paralysis, cataract, earache, deafness, insomnia, and other diseases that afflict the cranial nerves, degenerative brain diseases like Parkinson’s, insomnia, stress and rheumatic diseases. Sirovasthi stimulates the nervous system and promotes mental concentration.
“Ayurveda gives us back both responsibilities for our well-being as well as the power to create our state of health. Ayurveda teaches us that we are all unique individuals and that each individual’s path toward perfect health is equally unique. Ayurveda is not a dogma of “how to”; rather it is a system that illuminates our unique journey and helps to guide us to our destination,” says Dr. Marc Halpern.