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Axis Softech: Supply Travel Portal Products and Integrated XML services

In today’s Era, websites are the most trending part that is shaping the business world. A company’s website resembles the most basic form of a company’s web presentation and is must in today’s business sector & when it comes to online transactions, it becomes even better. Axis Softech is a web based Online Travel Portal development Company, which can help many travel companies to establish their online shops and conduct seamless e-business.
Company offers Travel Technology products and services, which helps Travel Agents and Corporate to establish their Online Travel Portals in the areas of B2C, B2B & B2E. Axis is pioneer in this business and its products are totally unique which has included supply and integrated XML services within it. With these products the customers can immediately switch to online model and start selling their services online. Different products of Axis Softech, helps the clients with different budgets to adopt them, depending upon their size and scale of business.
Axis Softech has been founded by two directors, one of them is Mr. Devesh Kr. Thakur, who is an MBA with over 16 years of Industry experience and a veteran business man with experience of closely working with several Multinational and Indian enterprises and another one is Mr. Gyanesh Kumar, a Computer Engineer & an IIM Lucknow alumni, who is also a serial entrepreneur with over 11 years of entrepreneurial experience.
Backbone of the business
Clients of Axis Softech, who are mostly travel companies, require a comprehensive solution and a world class support mechanism. Support remains the backbone of the business in travel. We also take care of all upcoming needs of customers through entire life cycle and behave as a dedicated partner in their progress.
Axis Softech provide end to end solution to our customers, where our customers get value for their money and all included solution at one spot, thus they save money as well as time. We also provide them different levels of support system and take care of their consistent needs from time to time. We provide our customers with different types of free upgrades which help them compete with their counter parts.
We Power Your Business
Vision of our company is to provide travel based technology solution to every travel agent or travel body & help them establish and grow. We are focused at innovating new and fruitful online travel technology products, which can make the life of our customers easy and business convenient.
With our tremendous inertia and efficiency to bring a project to its successful launch, maintaining it thereafter by onsite, offsite, online and so is something that we do. We strongly believe on our epigram, that there is nothing that can stop us to accomplish any project with best of its results and that’s why we focus on Quality product, efficient services and well capped pricing. Right from customization of any specific requirement to extension of versatile services to our clients across the globe with a proven track record has been strengthening us from time and over.