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Avaya: Delivering an Unforgettable Customer Experience across every Industry

The first step towards digital transformation is through transformation of a business’ communication platform. This transformation involves both internal collaboration among employees as well as external experience delivered to customers, partners and prospects. It is a journey that bridges communication solutions delivered on premise as well as in the cloud and the adoption of new applications, open APIs and software-based services that can be assembled and reassembled quickly and easily to create new communication applications and services.
Avaya Inc. is a recognized innovator and a leading business house in the field of communications for the digital age. Avaya is in the forefront of this digital transformation by providing software and services to large enterprises, mid-market companies, small businesses and government organizations around the world. They have showcased their proficiency in delivering smart global solutions and technologies for team engagement (unified communications and collaboration) and customer engagement (contact center and customer experience management).
Experience Success with Avaya Oceana™
In this age of Digitalization, every organization, small or big, is working on delivering a lasting experience to their customers by providing them services on a personal level, over their choice of device and platform. This means that customers are expecting service everywhere and at any time. The need of the hour is a well-trained team, equipped with the right resources, analytics and insight about the customer journey that makes the entire experience both powerful and productive.
Avaya Oceana™, for example, is an omnichannel customer engagement solution with multi-touch points designed for the digital consumer.
Avaya Oceana™ solution comes with full contextual awareness, attributes-based matching, omnichannel desktop workspaces and powerful analytics through Avaya Oceanalytics™. The Avaya Oceana™ solution personalizes every step and possibility of customer interaction with their client’s company. With Oceana, their clients can address channels, conduct customer routing and resource matching and with detailed data capture, their clients get real-time, fully meshed insights into what is going on with their customers.
The Avaya Oceana™ solution is well complemented with Oceanalytics™ Insights to give clients a rich visualization of data that aids real-time, smarter decision making to drive customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty. Avaya has consciously taken the initiative to competitively differentiate and promote Avaya’s Oceanalytics solution in the marketplace.
One way Avaya has differentiated Oceana is by closely and rigorously collaborating with Oracle’s analytics teams, creating a unique suite of tools that offer enterprises unprecedented access and insight to the large data sets that are needed for successful customer engagement. This makes Avaya the obvious choice for companies and organizations seeking to deliver digital customer experiences through integrated support for all media.
Initially, when Oracle’s real time streaming analytics tools were being adapted for the contact center environment, each company’s design organization had to do a detailed inspection of each other’s technical details while integrating different facets of design. This successful collaboration was achieved through the highest level of dedication by the members of the design organization at Avaya and the experts at Oracle.
With the help of Avaya Breeze™ Platform, Oceana lets its clients quickly and easily create or embed rich, real-time communications capabilities into their customer’s journey. When Oceana is combined with third-party or Avaya Snap-ins and Avaya Breeze™ Client SDK to build innovative and differentiated applications, it helps the clients to build their own unique agent and supervisor desktops.
Avaya Oceana™ steers the entire customer journey to create a great experience and to deliver positive outcomes for customers, agents and businesses.
Helmed by an Experienced Technology Leader
Kevin J. Kennedy, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Avaya, has four decades of experience at companies including Cisco Systems, JDSU, Openwave Systems and AT&T Bell Labs.  He has a track record of transforming companies through growth and company reinvention, tapping both organic innovation and mergers and acquisitions. Since joining Avaya in 2009, he has led a multi-year transformation to reinforce the company’s industry leadership, accelerate technology innovation and enable Avaya customers to deliver superior customer experiences.
Kevin served U.S. President Barack Obama as a member of the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee and has served as a Congressional fellow to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology. He has authored multiple patents and has published more than 30 papers on computational methods, data networking and issues of technology management.
The transformation he is leading has helped Avaya shift from a legacy hardware company to one that now gets nearly 80% of its revenue from software and services.
Looking to the Future
With its ambition to be the preferred business partner for communications solutions that deliver digitally transformed engagement experiences,  Avaya enables customers to digitize team engagement and customer engagement to operate with any smart device and any channel of communication.
Today, their cloud-based platforms enable communication services to be embedded in any application, transforming the way traditional businesses create value. Through these platforms, Avaya is enabling online service providers to trigger radical changes in business interactions such as engaging with customers, competing for new customers and automating work flows. The result is superior customer experiences and better business outcomes. Their commitment towards leadership in innovation has earned them a Net-Promoter-Score of 55. This shows the immense loyalty of customers and partners worldwide towards Avaya.
Avaya is committed to deliver communications solutions that are open, flexible, scalable, cloud-enabled, mobile-focused and easily integrated with any third party or competitor solution.

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