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Avatier: Revolutionizing Digital Identity Security

A digital identity is an individual’s online presence; it comprises information relating to their personal identity as well as other data. The protection of this information is crucial to safeguard the individual’s identity.
Avatier Corporation provides flexible identity management software and solutions that allow business users to construct an integrated framework for business operations. Its identity management solutions require fewer login credentials but enable collaboration across and beyond business boundaries.
Avatier has also created the world’s first Identity-as-a-Container (IDaaC) platform. This IDaaC combines the best of Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) and on-premises identity management offerings while delivering greater flexibility and control than hybrid identity management solutions.
Avatier’s primary vision is to accelerate the adoption of identity management. The company plans to accomplish this by providing organizations and their employees, partners, and customers with secure and easy access to applications, assets, and electronic forms.
An Avidly Competitive Leader
Nelson Cicchitto, the Chairman, Founder and CEO of Avatier established the company in 1997.
Nelson spent 5 years leading the development of Chevron’s Common Operating Environment (COE) IT efforts.  It was here that he recognized the pressing need to manage Microsoft NT and Exchange as one system.
As Avatier’s CEO, he keeps the company ahead of the competition by constantly seeking – and finding – ways to take the complex and make it simple. Nelson’s leadership fosters innovation, creative thinking, and documenting processes.
These factors have allowed him to develop a system where all non-revenue generating back office apps and employee assets can be managed as one system.
Delivering Best-in-class Security Services
Avatier develops state-of-the art identity management platforms that enable organizations to scale faster, innovate quicker, conquer and embrace change, and to dominate competition worldwide. Its Identity Anywhere product brings Cloud services and employee assets together and allows organizations to manage them as one system.
Identity Anywhere Password Management is the world’s first self-service password reset system. It uses Docker container technology to run anywhere – on any Cloud, on premises, or on a private Cloud hosted by Avatier.
Access Governance is the most portable, scalable and the most secure solution in the market. It enables customers to conduct access certifications of IT audit from any device, see the list of audits due along with identity and access governance items which have not been reviewed, practice security and compliance management with the touch of a finger, and approve and revoke access.
Identity Anywhere Single Sign-On (SSO) gives employees, partners and customers secure access to public and private web applications. Avatier SSO leverages existing groups, OU’s and users in the customer’s native directory to delegate web application access. With built-in SaaS licensing management, Cloud subscription costs can be cut by 30% or more. SSO integrates with Identity Anywhere Lifecycle management for automatic user provisioning and de-provisioning.
Avatier is the only company which has the capability to provide solutions that adapt to the needs of the business user and allows them to deliver a unified framework for business processes across operations.
Industry analysts and customers have indemnified that Avatier’s identity management and access governance solutions make the world’s largest organizations more secure and productive in the shortest time and at the lowest costs.
A Prolific Game-Plan
By moving its Identity Management solution from REST APIs to Docker containers and adding orchestration for auto-scaling, continuous delivery, and transparent load balancing, Avatier has become the only vendor that allows customers to place its solution on any Cloud. This also allows Avatier or any other vendor to take the same instance and host it for them as a managed solution.
Avatier’s solutions incorporate the latest Docker container technology, are cloud agnostic, and may be hosted by Avatier, run on-premises, or on any provider’s Cloud. Container technology or Identity as a Container (IDaaC) provides the benefits of speedy deployment continuous delivery of cloud-only (IDaaS) providers but with greater control over your identity repository, maximum security and flexibility at the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.
By contrast, hybrid identity management providers that do not leverage container technology face the very same problems on premises as traditional identity management providers.
Boasting a Global Clientele
Avatier boasts a clientele of over 500 worldwide customers, ranging from the Global 100 to the smallest businesses, across a wide range of industries, technology to pharmaceuticals to  even manufacturing.
Avatier considers feedback from its customers one of its greatest sources of innovation and inspiration. “Customers become our strongest advocates and drive us to continuously evolve our offerings to be the most secure and scalable in the industry,” states Nelson.
The company even invites customers to serve on its customer advisory board where they have direct input into products in development at Avatier.
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