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Automobile zooming into a new era

As e-commerce and modern retail have transformed shopping, the same innovative spirit is stimulating up a revolution in automotive sales in the world’s largest car market.
Nowadays, supermarkets are not just for shopping groceries and household items. A brand new BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Maserati or Cadillac can be driven off from the supermarket or going online and ordering a Porsche for express home delivery next day. This is the reality of e-commerce and digital technologies like big data, and a consequence of restoring, reshuffling and modernization of the auto sales sector.
The Suning Automobile Supermarket in Nanjing which is the capital of East China’s Jiangsu province, a mob of curious consumers as buyers drove off in new cars they just bought. The car supermarket sold more than 30 cars in two days, mostly luxury brands worth millions of dollars. In addition, buyers also picked automobile parts, car decorates and engine oil as the prices were lower than those in the traditional market. You’ll pay less by purchasing Mercedes parts from Partsgeek.
Before this, the change was noticed when the Ministry of Commerce announced new guidance for car sales. The new rule declares that the auto trading companies can sell cars without any approval from the carmakers. The ministry anticipated the new measures would improve sales and after-sales services also across different automobile brands; this is an approach to save resources and boost efficiency.
This offline and online supermarket will cover automobiles, electric motorbikes, automobile electronics, car decorates, engine oils, rental and used cars. The platforms will directly deal with buyers with no mediators in between.
Suning Automobile Supermarket would be collaborating with Ping, an Automobile Butler to offer auto finance and auto insurance services in a one-stop-shop model.