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Augmently, Inc.: Delivering The Exceptional AR Experience

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been the hot topics among tech developers for several years. During that time, consumers living in the digital world have made the journey from two dimensions to three-dimensional realism. At present, there are frequent demonstrations of AR in our daily lives. It is both surprising and exciting to witness what engineers and designers are capable of doing with this technology. A group of creative designers at Augmently, Inc. are transforming the virtual world and taking it to an entirely new level.
Reforming the ‘Immersive’ World
Transformations in the world of AR and VR have changed our outlook on the future. Augmently is one such change agent which has opened the gates to this brave new virtual world. Known as “the Augmented Realism Agency,” Augmently has thrived for the last three and-a-half years by delivering quality creative and successful implementation of the augmented reality experience for its customers and their brands.
In particular, Augmently has developed a patented augmented reality technology that allows mobile device users to virtually place and set at any angle a celebrity, character or product in a 360°environment of their choice. It seamlessly delivers matching lighting, color, and focus to make the finished image or product look strikingly real. While offering a quixotic experience and introducing customers to a new and advanced virtual world, Augmently has built custom campaigns for companies that not only deliver strong ROI, but most importantly, drive truly memorable brand engagement.
The Innovator CEO
The man behind the company is Ziggy Kormandel. Having founded Augmently, Ziggy also currently serves as its CEO. He began his career in visual entertainment as an art director during the “dotcom boom,” and is considered an expert in brand marketing.
Prior to establishing Augmently, Ziggy was the Founder and CEO of 3DX, where he leveraged 18 years of experience to assemble a dream team of 3D experts. Inspired by the Kim Kardashian app when it reportedly was generating $800k daily, Ziggy found an opportunity to take fan-driven mobile apps and personalizing them in ways that were never before imaginable. Leveraging the power and largely untapped capabilities of augmented reality, Ziggy then proposed a platform that would put lifelike video renderings of the world’s foremost celebrities in a fan’s living room or a company’s retail location.
Incomparable Advocacy
Another defining feature of the company is Augmently’s dedication to solving any AR-related tech and creative challenge. According to Ziggy: “We’re a diverse team that boasts twenty-five years of technology, branding, and marketing experience. Our core strength is a unique ability to solve problems that most AR companies can’t.” 
Augmently provides AR technology and campaign expertise for global brands who are looking to stand out from the competition. Its patented technology uses real video and photo images to create hyper realistic AR experiences for clients and partners rather than relying on traditional 3D computer generated objects. The technology created by the team of elite designers at Augmently is also enabled with video-on-video recording features that allow users to walk into their mobile device frame and record real-time video or upload a previously taken photo from any angle. Users can also add a celebrity, character or object to their scene and share it with their peers online and via social media. A recent trailblazing service provided by Augmently allows customers to present 3D models in AR that have an endless number of polygons. Augmently has developed the patented software which allows for 3D cinematic models (with hundreds of millions of polygons), to be used on AR for mobile phones.
Having a team with robust experience is the biggest advantage of Augmently. The company is not only a service provider, but a creative agency that creates winning campaigns for global brands. Augmently takes pride in supporting its clients with unique, engaging campaigns that drive sales, increase ROI, produce shareable content and help them stand out above the noise. Ziggy adds, “When done right, AR can be one of the single most powerful marketing tools wielded by any brand large or small.”
Overstepping Competitors
Augmently is proud to have partnered with ISBX as its development partner with its stellar team of over 50 expert developers. As Southern California’s leading mobile app developer, ISBX has done hundreds of successful apps for brands ranging from Nike and Sony to Lexus and Red Bull.
Most recently, Augmently has entered the healthcare sector in a partnership with, a leading healthcare lifestyle, engagement, and technology business. Already collaborating with global celebrities to launch unique AR consumer products and hardware/software devices, Augmently is continuing to innovate the kind of patented solutions that distinguish the company in the crowded AR marketplace. Ziggy speaks to this ongoing commitment: “Augmently’s mission is to provide the best and most realistic AR experiences possible with the devices of yesterday, today and the future”.
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