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Augmented Technology: Security Systems Integrator

The inception of cloud, social media and mobile computing, along with hyper escalated enterprise productivity and unveiled -connectivity, has innumerable digital business opportunities. However, these technologies have also surged the enterprise’s exposure to different risks. Today, the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks puts the enterprise’s most valuable virtue, its information, at risk.
Aug-Tech is a young and dynamic Security Systems Integrator, where they believe in bridging between technology advancement with security needs, protecting data element of confidentiality, integrity and data availability as well as accessibility. Aug-Tech is driven by the holistic approach of Public Key Interface (PKI) the basic element consisting of Cryptography; applications using PKI standards, standards relating to the implementation of PKI and management practices. Aug-Tech has developed and managed Government PKI, Enterprise PKI and Managed PKI.
They have the experience, industry knowledge and expertise to deliver an effective solution. With a wealth of experience of technical and project management, Aug-Tech is determined to provide a superior IT Security services to organizations. Aug-Tech, also provide securities solution architect that has vast knowledge in the IT Security industry; delivers consulting, testing and software development services.
Journey of Genesis 
Aug-Tech’s humble journey began in 2012 with the collaboration of a few Security Engineers having an insight to provide a comprehensive Security Solutions. With the experience and expertise the company possesses, customers are not only given what is available in the market but also endless prospect of new technologies and what sort of security features would be required to protect corporate data.
These engineers acquire knowledge of new technologies and study how security shall be developed and interfaced. Aug-Tech emphasizes on quality over quantity, innovation over tradition. The main challenge is having the right skill set to achieve superiority. With determination and perseverance, the company has grown and trained over 40 engineers and consultants with skills and knowledge.
Endless Possibilities
Aug-Tech actively collaborates with, institutions of higher learning in research field for possibilities in post-quantum algorithm design, optimistic of breaking frontier of what it was and what it could be in anticipation of possibility of the complexity of quantum computing breakthrough in securing communication. Aug-Tech is also exploring to collaborate in areas such as Digital Time Stamping.
Aug-Tech extends services in Security including Application Programming Interface (API) development on Symmetric and Asymmetric key cryptographic for data encryption and file encryption/protection; and integration by any platform. Aug-Tech has vast experiences in Security Management and Key Management scalability and extendability via the single, centralized and unified platform that is based on high-performance industry grade Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Technology, enabling integration to third-party applications and simply suits into existing IT eco-system as well as future implementation. They render augmentation of security on top of existing system such as mobile support portal security with SSO (Aug-SSO) and SSL client authentication or AuthoGate; they also provide database security and regulatory or standard requirements such as PCI-DSS.
Extending services and strength in development and commissioning of PKI Key Management Centre (KMC), it encompasses authentication mechanism and certificate management with PKI transactions. It authorises the hosts to access services using SSL client authentication which is protected by attached network or embedded through general purpose Hardware Security Module (HSM) that protects the cryptographic infrastructure by safeguarding the cryptographic keys, thus ensuring seamless approach and cost effectiveness of implementing KMC.
Leader with a Vision 
RazakJalil, CEO of Aug-Tech is a laid-back and low-key entrepreneur who believes in taking risk and challenges, determined to succeed where failure is not an option. He holds a dual MBA in Computer Information Systems as well as in Artificial Intelligence and Expert System from Southern New Hampshire University and BA in Finance from Pennsylvania State University. Of 30 years working experience in the Information Technology, PKI, Key Management, and Information Security and compliance. He has successfully managed projects for large corporations, Financial Institutions and Government.
His leadership style may be seemingly controversial, as he explores far-reaching approach in management as alternative to mainstream management methods. Although, at times risky he understands that the work culture transformation can contribute to increase in productivity, work efficiency and cost management.
Passion and Work Environment, Contribute to Provide Great Service
Aug-Tech also acknowledges the staff with right attitude, positive behaviour and passion to what they’re doing. Valuing passion and sincere contribution to the company, they provide remuneration and benefits that are attractive and market competitive. They encourage their staff to excel and develop further their technical skills to higher level. Aug-Tech values work and life balance. They believe that a good balance between work and other commitments produce efficient result. Staffs should always remain focus, maintain professionalism and work smart despite all the challenges that comes head-on.
The company has advanced by becoming a Registration Authority (RA) as part of PKI offerings. RA is an authority in a network that verifies user requests for a digital certificate and tells the Certificate Authority (CA) to issue it. It is responsible for accepting requests for digital certificates and authenticating the person or organization making the request. The establishment of a Call Center to meet customers’ distinctive needs and requirement is to safeguard customer’s business continuity and investment. Research and Development as well as business collaboration ensures corporate sustainability.
Customer: Extremely Important Aspect 
Customer Relationship has always been of utmost importance. Far reaching to offer an end-to-end solution, Aug-Tech has shown its capabilities from establishing Information Security framework, creating policies; constructing process and procedures; designing application, systems and interfaces; deploying infrastructure; conducting seminars and workshops; as well as providing support and maintenance. As a company, Aug-Tech provides a niche and specialized services to the customer. They acknowledge human capital as their utmost valuable asset to the company.

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