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Audrey Hlembizky | Founder and CEO | TeamsynerG Global Consulting Inc

Audrey Hlembizky: Building Generosity to Advance a Sustainable Future

How often do people ponder over the question, “what if?”

What if it was possible to create a future where no one was left behind? What if we could put an end to poverty and every nation came together peacefully? Humankind is heading towards an uncertain future, often turning a blind eye to many of our social injustices. It takes great courage to raise a voice against these issues and empower and encourage everyone to be a part of the reconciliation and repair needed to transform the world to create a sustainable future and hope for humanity.

Audrey Hlembizky shares her conviction and deep emotional charge about when, where, what, who, and WHY building generosity could be the solution to resolve and evolve all the injustices that currently exist towards people and the planet.

“The future needs all of us. We all need to do our part. The oceans are losing millions of miles of life every day. Animals are being unnecessarily slaughtered, and people are becoming addicted to a “convenience lifestyle.” We, the people, cannot sustain this type of lifestyle. We all need to hold one another accountable to live every day with this awareness and consciously give our best to create the best future possible for our kids,” shares Audrey.

With the efforts to build ethical and generational sustainability for the world’s most influential and impactful industries, Audrey leads with her venture TeamsynerG Global Consulting Inc.

As the Founder and CEO of TeamsynerG, she is continuously evolving her organization to elevate corporate and social responsibility. As the founder and president of several other organizations, she plays a vital role in developing and funding solutions for today’s social, political, economic, and environmental issues.

Audrey’s innovative approach and determination played a vital part in establishing TeamsynerG. It took many great failures to develop the company into what it is today. Yet, her grit and agile ability to grow through adversity is what provides her with the credibility to coach and lead others to be willing to go after what others believe is impossible.

Let us unveil her uprooting journey!

Embracing Early Entrepreneurship

Boarding on her entrepreneurial spirit, Audrey started her first lemonade stand business at eleven years. She later expanded her tiny venture to include popcorn bags with an opportunity for the kids on the street to barter their favorite culture candies with one another.

“I remember one of my friends on my street introduced me to Nutella. I was blown away that I would be able to eat chocolate on toast in the morning and rushed home to tell my mom. I used to trade German orange chocolate that my grandmother brought in from Germany. My street was filled with kids, and I saw that all of us were so unique, and our food was so amazing. So why not create an opportunity to trade. We had a multicultural buffet. Hungarian, Jamaican, Italian, and we all learned about one another’s countries through our taste buds.”

Audrey came from a business background. She watched her dad operate a large contracting business and her mom always supporting her father while raising 6 kids. From an early age of 7, Audrey learned to be responsible especially when her mom had a brain tumor. Through her mom’s healing journey and just being the eldest, her leadership came naturally. From babysitting her siblings, to being the live-in tutor, she took a great interest in watching her father and mother always talk about business and more importantly watched and witnessed her parents being so generous, inspiring, and inclusive with everyone.

Audrey’s mother and grandmother came from the spa and wellness industry for four generations. Dermatology and the body fascinated her, and her ambitious and creative mind inspired her to continue the legacy with many new innovative industry ventures. Audrey saw a need within the hospitality and corporate industry to provide wellness in the workplace and she owned and operated a national organization that included group mindset development, team building, health and fitness, spa, corporate workshops, product development and experiential marketing opportunities that kicked off the boom of the spa and the medical cosmetic industry. Her true passion was business development, and she is recognized as the pioneer for many of today’s great industrial achievements.

Unfortunately, in 2009, Audrey’s previous husband Walter, tragically passed away; she was left in great shock, grievance, and depression. Audrey struggled with many things right after he died. Her son Stephan had just turned seven and she struggled to keep herself together for him. She now was a single mom and unfortunately her husband did not have life insurance. There were so many variables that began to be out of her control, and everything together was a recipe for a very painful ending to a business she had built for over twenty-five years. From a tragic loss to claiming personal bankruptcy in a span of eighteen months. She expresses, “It took me some time to accept all of the loss, from my son losing his father, his home he knew and watching his mother cry to sleep every day, I had a hard time seeing beyond my circumstances. As time passed, I was able to see that Walter’s death taught me how short life really is, I recall so clearly hearing words in my head that said, “Audrey, you have a gift to develop things that others cannot see, you need to go build what is needed.” I knew if I was going to give my life to something, it had to be something legendary. I knew I wanted to make a big impact in the world especially for my son, and I can see now that all the different stages of my life lead me to do what I am doing now.”

“Starting all over again had its challenges, yet along the way I had so many amazing people in my life that stood by me, particularly my parents, all my siblings and especially my sister Simone. I had 25 years of business experience, leading, and training people, creating startups, and developing innovative projects and products. I knew I needed to put it all together and apply it towards creating a future of hope.”

Transforming Pain into Purpose

Audrey took all her experience and pain and shifted gears to start TeamsyngerG as a sole proprietorship focusing on youth and low-income families, especially the impacts of poverty and single moms within the community. For many years prior and during the time of running her first business she always participated in local, community projects and worked with several minority groups and indigenous communities. She was also able to take all her expertise to influence positive change within communities who did not have the financial resources.

Advocating for those without a voice was what woke her up in the morning. She began coaching and consulting with a few select clients and took on projects that were primarily government run for high-risk youth. The more her clients expanded the more she was pulled forward towards the inequalities within the corporate and social sectors which lead her to focus on developing programs and design corporate thinking solutions to train and develop leaders to lead their organizations through empathy and accountability. Yet, what kept lingering in the background was the work she did prior when she led the development of the first 100% biodegradable, organic, and eco-friendly amenity products. When she worked in partnership with the hospitality industry for twenty-five years. Audrey shares, “You see so much unnecessary waste within the hotel industry, yet one thing that always bothered me was those little shampoo and soap bottles. I remember inquiring into what happens to all those plastic bottles. In North America alone there are millions of little plastic bottles that end up in landfills that may stay for a thousand years. That upset me, so I said “what if there was a bottle that could disappear once you place it in soil? I lead this project and brought it to fruition. However, at the time, sourcing biodegradable products that were affordable was not easy, yet with an amazing team we created a perfect product which I am proud to say is now the predominate bottle in all the major hotels.”

Through that experience, Audrey opened her world to so many levels of manufacturing, fair trade, agriculture, and the mining industry. She shares, “Everything we use is either mined from underground, or grown above ground. All the ingredients in your vitamins, cosmetic products, to the way fertilizer is made and the baking soda used in household products. Everything begins somewhere and the supply chain process fascinated me. The more I researched the more I saw injustices towards people and the planet, which made me angry, sad and afraid for our children’s future.”

This inspired her to declare her company would be a system changer. To bring integrity to how our industrial giants do business and begin to create a new demand around what doing great business looks like. Audrey shares.

It took patience and perseverance. I had so many roadblocks; the corporate industry was not open to sustainable thinking initiatives, not like today where big companies are now in a big hurry to meet their SDG 2030 targets. There were many naysayers, but I knew that I could create a demand for the type of services that held leaders to account. I whole heartedly believed every company would begin to see how critical it was for them to create their sustainability road maps,” explains Audrey.

She shares, “With that, I began to build my consulting company to focus on minimizing the impacts of these injustices by focusing on enhancing the systems & processes and bringing integrity to how they conduct business. Most of all, train and develop the leaders and the workforce to “think sustainably.” And show them how. The more I saw the disfunction in all the levels of the supply chain and how it would impact our planet and the future generation, I knew in my heart I needed to be part of interrupting what was happening.”

Today, TeamsynerG Global Consulting’s mission is to advance generational sustainability in the world’s leading industries. It believes in building ethical and sustainable communities and organizations to drive ambitious and transformative social impacts.

TeamsynerG aims to collaborate with global leaders to develop standards, policies, and procedures that show the younger generation that their future matters.

Sustainable Approach

TeamsynerG creates a deep collaboration with clients to create people and business strategies that develop all levels of their leadership and workforce to “think” sustainably and plan accordingly. It drives accountability within the culture and sets alignment across their organizations to put their mission, vision, and values into practice.

TeamsynerG is data-driven, which allows it to let the data tell the story in every part of the project. With a combined thirty-five years of industry expertise, the genius within the team provides the best in leadership development, organizational change, engineering, operations and system design and extensive capability in governance and social responsibility. TeamsynerG has an extensive portfolio of proprietary tools and methodologies that when implemented can effectively advance generational sustainability. Its goal is to partner with the companies, design, develop and implement what is needed, then facilitate a train the trainer approach and measure progress until it knows the people will sustain the improvement.

Tailoring Technology

TeamsynerG strongly believes in technology, hoping for AI to be used in places where it can eliminate threats to people’s lives. Audrey asserts, “I do not believe AI should ever replace people in doing what people are to do. It is an area that is difficult for some large companies always to understand, but your PEOPLE ARE YOUR ACCESS TO profits. Great people are irreplaceable and when people are valued, they produce so much more value. And technology can play a big part in consistency, integrity, and accountability, which is why we have developed distinct systems to drive high performance leadership.”

Audrey goes on to say, “There is a quote by Jim Bergeson. Data will talk to you if you are willing to listen.” We measure human performance. A person’s outputs are a direct reflection of the mental capacity and capability. The limits you have in your thinking will show up in your results.”

As a result, Audrey and her team have developed a tool, supporting the development of human accountability and effectiveness. The brain works in a way that can learn from repetition. Consistency establishes new habits, and unless consistency is driving your actions, a new pattern cannot be formed. Thus, TeamsynerG has developed a platform that works with its leadership coaches and trainers.

The platform elevates critical and strategic thinking, emotional and ethical intelligence and develops more agile and resilient individuals. Integrity and accountability are strengthened and optimized which directly impacts performance outcomes. The platform measures all levels of deliverables and is designed to train and develop new mental models that shape the way you act, think, plan, and behave. Data is continuously gathered measuring KPI’s and KBI’s which then supports the approach of the one-on-one coaching. The key focus is to train people to be high performing, without comprising their own personal needs and to focus on the critical behavioral skills and indicators to take them through any performance risks and provide them with the opportunity to stabilize their mindset until we optimize their human potential.

Collaborative Culture

Audrey proudly mentions that the team at TeamsynerG is driven to thrive together. We are all a part of something big and inspiring and are a critical part of the organizations mission and success. She notes, “When you are part of our company, you know you play an integral role in supporting, leading, and changing policies and practices that can empower gender and racial equality. You will be part of developing a system with less waste going into the ground or water that can kill wildlife. You are part of the governance and compliance process of honoring treaties for first nation communities. When you are part of our company, you are the face, voice, and heart. Each of us are building a future of generosity for all.”

Her diverse and large team also includes her husband and sister. Her husband Dr. Marvin Thompson is an internationally recognized educator with a doctorate in leadership and policy studies. Her sister Simone Vitellaro leads the coaching division. Audrey shares: “I love my team, and to have the privilege and honor of your husband and sister wanting to build sustainable futures alongside you, is part of what keeps me thriving forward.”

As part of the organizations continued commitment to the 2030 SDG’s they have embraced goal number “17” through their partnership with RJC Global Impact Inc.

SDG Goal “17” is to strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development. RJC Global Impact is an international organization and a trusted resource for the global resource industry. They specialize in elevating the social and sustainable footprint while transforming complex operations to be highly efficient, effective, and profitable.

RJC is owned and operated by Rosellen Johnson who had hired Audrey as her personal coach. Through this connection they both realized how aligned they were in their deep passion to build a sustainable future and especially how they wanted to eliminate so many social and environmental injustices. Audrey states, “Rosellen and I are cut from the same cloth. We both have an intense drive to create a greater world. I have never met anyone who gets as ill as I do when we see injustices like human trafficking, corruption, or manufacturing waste getting into the water sources and then impacting surrounding communities.”

She adds, “These are real-life issues, and most people are blind to what is happening in our back yard. Rosellen is someone who, when she wakes up in the morning, says, “Okay, what will I transform today?” As her business and personal coach, we became so united and could not resist the opportunity of creating the impossible together. We saw one another in each other’s eyes and heard our words spoken from one another’s voices. Rosellen and I knew that together we could do much more than apart. So, considering that, we created joint ventures where our companies and teams partnered, which took our capability to a whole new level.”

As their organizations grew, the demand for what they had to offer skyrocketed, yet the more they engaged in systems improvement and change management work, the more they could see a growing need. Audrey and Rosellen have now started ‘UNIMAGINABLE’– a non-profit organization regulating education and supporting the corrections of global political, economic, social, and environmental injustices. It focuses on ethical and sustainable practices holding industries accountable for their negative impacts, inefficiencies, corruption, and unethical practices. It is in the early stages, yet it will be an online destination for Philanthropists, C-level executives, and their leaders to ensure their organizations meet the requirements of operating a socially responsible company. It will partner with organizations

to be future leaders, ensuring generational sustainability is at the forefront of business practices.

Long story short, UNIMAGINABLE is a resource for the world’s largest industries to measure where they rate in their ability, capacity, and capability to meet the needs of the immediate sustainable development goals and the goals that will drive sustainability and ethical practices for future generations.

Farsighted Future

Audrey envisions herself seeing the fruition of the efforts she is instilling at present. She is deeply committed and passionate about contributing to children and teenagers’ psychological, physical, and spiritual needs. While describing her plans she puts, “I have worked with children’s groups and developed programs for many years and always knew one day I would have my own company that would be a staple in the development of our young leaders.”

“Being a mother is the gift that life has given to me. Up until recently, I was the mother of one, my son Stephan and now through my marriage to Marvin, I have another son Haden and daughter Kristian and I am also a grandmother to my grandson Makhi. My motherly love and instincts tell me that unless the adult generation of today are willing to do something to stop the rapid destruction of oceans, land, and the critical thinking of our children’s minds, my kids and grandchild will have a very hard world to try and be happy in. It is very important to me to be someone who can train and develop young minds to think confidently, courageously, and generously. Empathy and kindness are needed now much more than ever. One day I am sure I will hand over TeamsynerG to my extraordinary team, yet I will never be able to retire and want to spend the rest of my life developing our kids and writing.”

As a result, Audrey has already started up transforming the future for kids with her business partner Alanna Carr. They started the company, focusing on developing kids to be kind. They have designed a curriculum that teaches children the necessary life skills such as empathy, confidence, trust, positive communication, diversity, inclusion, and self-love. Their propriety programs are accessible on-line for homeschooling and there are in-class programs within schools, with exclusive afterschool programs and summer camps. Their teens program is very dear to Audrey’s heart as it specializes in teaching programs that train kids in financial literacy, project planning, goal mapping and all the necessary growth mindset and leadership tools to empower future social entrepreneurship.

Generous Guidance

In her advice to emerging entrepreneurs, she says, “Focus on what is important to you and never negotiate with your values. Do not just work for money yet learn how important financial integrity is. Do what you know you love to do as there are so many things that you will come up against that will trigger you to quit. When you have a driving force within you that is your souls work, you develop the resilience and stamina to stand up against the triggers.

“Be the best at what you do and hire other experts to do everything else. You take away from your craft and steal any possible results when you do it all. Making money is important; know your worth. As a high-performance coach and consultant, I fall in the high paying category. You need to earn your way here and there is no quick way up the ladder unless you sell out on your integrity. I am a professional who takes my profession seriously. I do not play games or gamble with my clients’ futures. Their future is more than just a paycheque,

their future goals could be what transforms this planet. I do not give in to my clients’ problems as my job is to see the solution and then help them see it themselves. Most of the time I go to battle with their negative thinking and not the person as when they believe something is impossible, my response is “Impossible is for the unwilling”. If you want to succeed in anything, pay more attention to the level of your work ethic, than the level of your bank account. Put in the time, give more than you get and have a non-negotiable mindset with your values and always remember your moral equity will sustain you forever.”