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AuditComply: Improving Quality by Mitigating Risks

With every second passing, the requisite of an adequate risk and performance management platform is substantially increasing. Along with maintaining its steady growth, an organization must focus on investing more of its resources in developing a legit platform that looks after the overall performance of an organization. It’s quite essential for an organization to maintain a healthy ambience in the workplace. AuditComply, a risk and performance management platform, addresses such complexities, and offers inventive solutions to boost the growth of the company. It mainly focuses on monitoring risks and tackles uncertainty for highly regulated industries such as Automotive, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Aviation and Manufacturing. With a global recognition, it has rooted it’s flagships in countries like UK, EU, US, Middle East and Asia Pacific regions.
Offering Proactive Solutions 
With AuditComply, compliance is made easy in highly programmed environments by allowing organizations to meet the needs of their internal audit programs, customer and regulatory demands such as BRC, HACCP, SQF, FSMA, and FDA & ISO. AuditComply provides performance enhancing functionalities for managing the full audit lifecycle. Enterprise risk workflows are embedded in the platform for efficient audit execution, and ensuring integration of the audit process with risk and compliance management.
AuditComply’s system allows end users to conduct any type of audits or assessments, whether Health and Safety, Supply Chain, Risk or Quality assessments. AuditComply manages the issues, actions and outcomes automatically through its issue management workflow embedded in the application.
AuditComply is utilized by multiple high profile organizations across various industries and has become the first line of defense around any operational uncertainty. AuditComply’s analytic dashboards highlight recurring issues and performance. These analytics allow users to see trends and gives an insight into the root cause of issues within an organization and make it easy to identify and eliminate risk. Once assessments have been completed, the platform automatically generates and exports Audit and CAPA reports in minutes, significantly reducing time spent writing reports and allowing it to focus more of its attention on the factors most critical to your business.
A Well-organized Enterprise 
Headquartered in Belfast, AuditComply—a global technology company is trusted by many organizations for it’s powerful, scalable, and advanced analytics engine. Currently, more than 50 organizations, including top manufacturing & food brands, utilize AuditComply’s products. In just 4 years since its inception, over 3.4 Million issues have been managed on its secure platform. It’s diverse and varied customer base mostly includes some well-known global brands such as Autoliv, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust, Sysco, Hibernia Reit and Bushmills.
In December 2017, AuditComply was the first Northern Ireland based technology company to benefit from technology and investment as part of the strategic partnership between First Derivatives and BGF (British Growth Fund). AuditComply is also pleased to announce that it has been awarded with a place on the G-Cloud 10 government framework. This G-Cloud 10 iteration allows public sector organizations, such as the NHS and local councils, to find and compare cloud-based services, removing the requirement for a full tender process. This demonstrates great confidence in AuditComply’s secure platform.
Personifying Competency 
AuditComply has some authentic perspectives over tackling and stepping ahead of competitors. It has categorized competition into two categories, firstly, large on-premise bespoke systems provided by large software vendors whereas, second group merely focuses on mobile first form builders.
On-premise bespoke systems require extensive configuration and bespoke coding to map to the client’s environments. Long rollout and deployment cycles, are inherently expensive to maintain with poor user experience. Hence most customers revert to Excel/Word and Sharepoint and ultimately lose the ability to manage consistently at scale across its real-estate. Besides, being a lightweight approach, the simple check listing becomes quite easier as compared to others. Yet, it lacks some enterprise workflow and analytics required to operate in big industries. Due to lack of adequate enterprise management and configuration, establishing a real-time risk managing business structure becomes quite a challenge for organizations; making implementation a need rather than a want.
AuditComply has implicated various technical as well as technological aspects in order levitate the growth rate to its utmost heights. Its unique ideologies and methods have actively assisted the company in overcoming above challenges.
A Forerunner with a Distinctive Approach 
Kevin Donaghy, the CEO of AuditComply, is passionate about solving global industrial problems. He firmly believes that managing risks and compliances of large organizations still remains a key challenge in the real-time industry, spanning all the verticals. To this end, AuditComply is driven by the opportunities and challenges and one that they truly have an innovative solution to. AuditComply can and will shape the future of enterprise risk management adding value on day one for our clients and ultimately building a platform that allows for digital transformation whilst enabling business process optimization.
Kevin also happens to be a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics. He has led teams and companies from the earliest stages of development through commercialization and hyper-growth phases. He started his career with WPDS in San Diego, as a software engineer focused on Equipment Configuration Management systems for air forces across the globe. He quickly progressed to run multiple teams for Spirent Communications both in Ireland and the US. In 2007, he founded Replify, which merely focused on mobility optimization and virtualization. Throughout his impeccable journey, Kevin has achieved a series of successes and has contributed some notable work for enhancing the business.
Being Optimistic 
AuditComply envisions being the best SaaS based risk assessment organization in the upcoming years. With a great vision and compassion over the requirement of risk and performance management platform, AuditComply can truly transform and manage risk in real-time for large organizations. Its software platform embraces change seamlessly to meet daily needs, promote visibility, reduce costs and drive operational performance whilst anticipating and managing risk. With improved investigation of business and on-going assessment, better internal quality control and better custom service, the company solely believes in bringing about a revolution in the risk management industry.
Words of Satisfaction 
“AuditComply is playing a crucial role in changing the quality and compliance culture. A world-class system, a game changer in our industry. We required a solution that was mobile, automated our data and could be accessed in real time to ensure we are meeting quality standards across the supply chain” – Johnny Elgin, Sysco
“AuditComply’s solution has greatly improved our productivity for both internal audits and production checklists. We found assistance in moving our existing audits to their solution excellent and seamless. For the little support we have required since moving, their response times and resolutions have been exceptional.” – Michael Caughey, Bushmills